One pending unrestricted free agent the Red Wings can snag from each team in the Central Division

The Detroit Red Wings could look to the Western Conference and a few former division rivals to snag a big-name free agent or two.
Chicago Blackhawks v Detroit Red Wings
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Alex Goligoski, D/Minnesota Wild

Marc-Andre Fleury coming into the Motor City for a year would be great, but since he already re-signed with the Minnesota Wild, it left Alex Goligoski as the only viable player worth listing. Still, bringing him in would have its benefits, as he’d provide outstanding insurance as a seventh blueliner who wouldn’t get in the way of Simon Edvinsson or anyone else. 

Goligoski would also embrace the role better than someone like Justin Holl, and he would come on a short length for a much cheaper price than many blueliners on the market. He’s someone the team would rotate in for between 35 and 40 games and allow him to be a solid presence in the event of an injury or if the Red Wings rested another blueliner for maintenance. 

Josh Brown, D/Utah

Like Alex Goligoski, Josh Brown would be a good, though nowhere near as experienced, rotational piece. But there is a solid chance a player of Goligoski's age retires, so Brown would be a great consolation, but a more physical one who can get in front of pucks often. 

Brown played in 119 games with the Arizona Coyotes, and he recorded 264 hits and 203 blocks in that span. Overall, he wouldn’t provide much help in the offensive zone, but like Goligoski and Chris Tanev, Brown would keep pressure off of those manning the net. 


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