NHL Playoff Bracket if the season ended today for the Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings find themselves back in the second wild card spot, but the current NHL Playoff Bracket would have them facing tough competition.

Detroit Red Wings v Pittsburgh Penguins
Detroit Red Wings v Pittsburgh Penguins / Justin Berl/GettyImages

Update: This article was published prior to the Capitals win over the Calgary Flames

The Detroit Red Wings managed to break their losing streak against the right team, as the Buffalo Sabres were surging for a minute. Unfortunately, the victory was short-lived when the Pittsburgh Penguins prevented Detroit from winning two games in a row, and they have now lost seven of eight. But the Eastern Conference is not the strongest past the top five teams looking to earn a postseason berth, giving Detroit the final spot in the NHL Playoff Bracket one month from the end of the season. 

The Red Wings would have a tough contest coming up if the season ended today, facing off with the Boston Bruins, who are once again pacing the NHL in points. Now that Boston, even if the Bruins aren’t what they were last year in the regular season, looks like the hottest team in the league (again), expect them to prove they put last season’s playoff meltdown in the past.  

NHL Playoff Bracket lists the Red Wings playing Boston as regular season winds down

Despite the looming potential playoff series should everything remain equal, the Bruins also aren’t as frightening as they may initially look. For one, Boston has struggled at times this season, even if those struggles were nowhere near what the Red Wings have experienced on multiple occasions. 

Center Dylan Larkin’s absence is a key reason for Detroit’s struggles, but there is good news on that front, as he should return to the lineup sooner than later. This could lead to a resurgence for the Red Wings and help them rebuild momentum even if they remained stuck in the second wild card spot from now until April 18th. 

Thanks to how close the race for the top seed in the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference is; however, there is a chance the Florida Panthers end up there following the regular season finale. But once again, the Red Wings just need to get hot in April, and they will have a chance to upset one of the two best teams in the Atlantic (or the top team in the Metropolitan) should they remain in the second wild card.


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference)