A deep dive into Moritz Seider and what he means to the Detroit Red Wings

Is Detroit Red Wings defender Moritz Seider struggling to shine as bright as he once was when he broke into the NHL?

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After a Calder Trophy or Rookie of the Year, the season in 2021-22, Moritz Seider seemed destined for stardom. In 2022-23, we saw regression. Some observers argue that this season is an even further nose-dive into the depths of despair. On the other hand, Detroit Red Wings fans grow more defensive of Seider with each statistic that makes him look less than the stellar player they watch on a nightly basis. Who's right?

As the 2019 National Hockey League (NHL) draft approached, I watched the Detroit Red Wings’ equivalent of Simba returning to Pride Rock. I had a similar feeling to most Red Wings fans, I reckon. 

Nostalgia, excitement, and hope eclipsed me.

Watching The Captain, our Red Wings’ captain, return and walk up to the podium was a scene for the ages. The Yzerplan, dubbed by Red Wings General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman, by got off to a wild start to say the least.

Detroit Red Wings defenseman Moritz Seider shocked many, at the time.

I quickly found out that researching for any draft is a monumental task. Blindly, I fumbled through prospect profiles and draft boards for hours on end. It was about as effective as nailing jello to a tree.

A German player intrigued me while perusing Dobber ProspectsTony Ferrari, our favorite draft analyst, penned the following (published May 29, 2019):

"“Being a high-end draft prospect coming from the German top league DEL is rare. Being an elite blue-line prospect coming from that league is even less likely. Moritz Seider is an intriguing player because of his tools and the lack of a prior precedent in his situation. The right-shot player is a solid two-way defender who is developing high-end skills one both ends of the ice.”"

Tony Ferrari, NHL Draft Analyst

I thought that this player sounded perfect for the Red Wings. Then, I reviewed his public draft rankings (pulled from the link above): 

Moritz Seider Draft Rankings
- No. 19 per Cam Robinson
- No. 21 per TSN/Bob McKenzie
- No. 11 per HockeyProspect.com
- No. 17 per Future Considerations
- No. 26 per McKeen’s Hockey
- No. 17 by EliteProspects
- No. 27 by ISS Hockey
- No. 6 by NHL Central Scouting (EU Skaters Only)

Thus, my search for the next great Red Wings player continued.

When the Red Wings drafted Seider, I deferred to Brian Quinn of Impractical Jokers for my reaction, “’Tis Confusion.” 

Comedic relief replaced my confusion in the moments that followed as the reactions were priceless on my TV set and across the internet.

The roller coaster since the 2019 NHL draft for the Red Wings and Seider is an interesting one.

Maybe he’s not the German version of Nicklas Lidström, but I think we all agree he’s a darn good hockey player.