What would the most logistical trade for Filip Gustavsson look like for the Red Wings?

The Detroit Red Wings must do something to fix their play in the crease this offseason, and the Minnesota Wild could field offers for Filip Gustavsson.
Dec 27, 2023; Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA; Detroit Red Wings left wing Lucas Raymond (23) and
Dec 27, 2023; Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA; Detroit Red Wings left wing Lucas Raymond (23) and / Matt Blewett-USA TODAY Sports
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The Red Wings and Wild will benefit from a trade like this

You could realistically call the Filip Gustavsson trade the Gustavsson-Husso trade because this one involves two goaltenders whose roles need to change. Husso has proven himself to sidle in behind a more established talent, while you can’t say exactly the same for Gustavsson, but as a clear-cut 1A as opposed to a 1B. 

Since Husso would complete what will be a solid one-two combo in St. Paul, the Wild would have no problem making the swap here, and there would be no goaltender controversy attached. 

There isn’t another blueliner in the NHL who would benefit more from a change of scenery than Holl. Swapping a pair of high-potential prospects may help Minnesota’s scoring in the long run, and the Red Wings would also get deeper with another young talent on the blue line. 

This trade may not have ‘blockbuster’ written all over it, but it’s one of necessity for the Red Wings and Wild. If this trade occurred and everything went according to plan, you could see both teams sneak into their respective conferences’ playoffs in 2025, and it would at least give each fanbase much-needed optimism for 2026 and beyond. 

We’ll see if Yzerman makes the inquiry involving Gustavsson and, if so, if he’s willing to give up the right compensation to bring him to the Motor City.