Focusing on the Red Wings' Swedish gem Jonatan Berggren in his return to the NHL

Detroit Red Wings' Jonatan Berggren returned to the lineup against the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, so every shift was examined to see how he faired.

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Period 2: It’s all coming together

If Berggren was trying to find a spark in the opening period, it seemed he, too, took a break to get reinforcements. However, in his case, it seemed to be his legs and getting to his game rather than a starter log from the grocery store.

In his opening shift, Berggren had a good keep-in along the boards, protecting the puck like David Perron does so well. This type of play is always a good sign with Berggren that things will go well in the next few shifts.

It rang true, at least for that shift, as it seemed that his line won the shift. The Vegas Golden Knights didn’t make it past the neutral zone. Compared to period one especially, it’s a huge shift for the boys.

With a little over 8 minutes remaining in the second period, Berggren looked to get his legs. He set up in his other office (below the goal line) and helped Raymond create a great chance.

Brief Notes: 

TOI: 7:54 (Sprong & Fisher less)

CF%: 71.43%

xGF%: 42.46%

TL/DR: Berggren warmed up in the second, looking more like the player we all know and love.