3 first-round talents the Red Wings can steal in Round 2 of the NHL Draft

Picking in the middle of Round 2, there is always a first-round talent in the NHL Draft who can slip to the Detroit Red Wings.
Medicine Hat Tigers v Winnipeg Ice - Game 2
Medicine Hat Tigers v Winnipeg Ice - Game 2 / Jonathan Kozub/GettyImages
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Andrew Basha, LW/Medicine Hat Tigers

Could Andrew Basha seriously fall to the Detroit Red Wings? Not if Elite Prospects has anything to say about it since they clocked him in at 18th overall, and a strong contingent of outlets have him slated for a second half of the first-round ranking. But another handful is saying otherwise, either ranking him between the end of the first round to the middle of the second. 

Like Jesse Pulkkinen, Basha carries an earlier birthday, but not incredibly early, with a birth date in November 2005. Like most prospects, the winger doesn’t carry Pulkkinen’s size, but Basha is currently 6’0, 187 pounds, so while there is still room to grow, his size is rather respectable. 

One reason Basha would be a great pick here is that he’s someone the Red Wings could develop quickly, as he should move up to the AHL in 2025-26. He already has over 170 regular season games under him in the WHL, and that number will surpass the 200 mark if he enjoys another healthy year. 

Basha’s numbers, especially his assists, have made leaps in each season, going from just nine in 2021-22 to 36 in 2022-23, to finally an astounding 55 (85 total points) in 2023-24. While his scoring also enjoyed a steady increase, playmaking is Basha’s game, and don’t be surprised if he sets his sights even higher and hits the 65-70 assist mark this season.