Detroit Red Wings are slipping away from 2023-24 playoff race

The Detroit Red Wings are slipping away from a playoff spot. Every point counts and they are certainly struggling to get things going.
Detroit Red Wings head coach Derek Lalonde looks on over the bench during play.
Detroit Red Wings head coach Derek Lalonde looks on over the bench during play. / James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Red Wings 2023-24 season is nearing completion, but it also seems like the team is falling out of the playoff race. Detroit's loss to Carolina on Thursday was a tough one. The team needs any point that they can get their hands on, but the flat-footed effort on Friday was a knife in the back.

The Detroit Red Wings' last few games have been tough, and with a defining stretch ahead, it's tough to see this lack of effort. Detroit's pushing and trying to stay in the playoff race, but they have not been able to put up enough points to keep up with the Washington Capitals.

They were just two points short of the second wildcard spot coming into Thursday's game. Now, Washington is still two points ahead, with a game in hand, and another team has entered the mix. The New York Islanders have been in and out of the playoff race, but they're now just two points behind Detroit.

A lot is going on down the stretch, and Detroit needs to find ways to churn out some wins. I'm trying to be optimistic here—buying in—but it's hard to. When the Red Wings put together a poor effort like they did against Carolina, it's hard to really get behind this team.

Detroit Red Wings slipping away from a playoff berth.

The Red Wings have nine games left, and they really need to turn things on. If the team does not kick it into gear, they'll slip further, and if they continue to see the losses mount, they'll be out of the playoff race even sooner. Things will not get easier with the Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning on deck.

Detroit has to grind out some games against playoff teams, and things will not be easy at all for the Red Wings. The team will have to come out and show some fight and some urgency. At times, they've lacked this and been unable to really get things going for themselves.

In the game against Carolina, there was hope that they could come out and put the pedal to the medal. However, there was nothing but flat-footed players with zero sense of urgency, and in that spot, that just could not happen. I love this team and have really enjoyed watching them take some strides this year.

However, the Red Wings are getting tougher to get behind. With the end of the season in sight, the hopes of making the playoffs are seemingly in the rearview mirror. Detroit's slipping, and it's tough to watch. Hopefully, something will give in the home stretch as the Red Wings finish out the 2023-24 season.