Detroit Red Wings prospect Jonatan Berggren lied to me (and you)

The Grand Rapids Griffins players have lied, stolen, and cheated in their third round of the AHL playoffs. Who is lying, stealing, and cheating?
Detroit Red Wings v New York Rangers
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Sebastian Cossa is a thief

Boy, I have waited for Sebastian Cossa to steal a game all playoffs. 

He’s played above-average and given his team a chance to win each outing. Even the 4 goals against Wednesday, although a high number to surrender, the skaters in front of him were as much to blame as he was so it makes things difficult in assessing Cossa.

Giving your team a chance to win and stealing a game are 2 different things. 

Friday night, Cossa outright stole the puck, then the game. His stops were impeccable, and he didn’t give up no matter how many rebounds or chances the opponent had.

My favorite thing about Cossa’s game, though, him sticking up for his brothers. This clip is my personal favorite, as Albert Johansson can always use an extra hand (or over-sized glove):

In his post game interview, Cossa admitted it’s difficult to see his brothers getting hit on the ice and not stepping in to help. However, he cautioned that he should stop getting involved in the extra curricular activities.

Truly, I appreciate the mindset and can agree to a certain extent. At the same time, the comradery is as important as staying out of the penalty box. 

I’m not talking about the lazy, lost control of emotions, or frustrations boiling over because a play didn’t go their way. Those penalties, I can absolutely do without.

Coming to aide a teammate who is getting jumped or put in a headlock? It’s always okay to step up in my book. That’s not to say try to take a penalty, but attempting to diffuse or support a teammate should continue to be something Cossa does as he’s great when he joins the greeting card exchange.