Detroit Red Wings prospect Jonatan Berggren lied to me (and you)

The Grand Rapids Griffins players have lied, stolen, and cheated in their third round of the AHL playoffs. Who is lying, stealing, and cheating?
Detroit Red Wings v New York Rangers
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**Since publishing this article, the American Hockey League (AHL) has changed one of Jonatan Berggren's goals to Marco Kasper, however this idea still stands. **

After watching game 4 and Jonatan Berggren’s heroics, I can’t help but think of Mushu in the Mulan. 

There’s a group consisting of Mulan, her dragon guardian (Mushu voiced by Eddie Murphy), her horse, and a lucky cricket who tagged along. In the midst of a somber moment, Mulan and Mushu share their secrets. 

Mushu was never sent by their ancestors and Mulan might not have joined the army to cover for her father, but to find herself. Next, the cricket admits he’s not lucky.

Mushu’s response is a classic:

“What? What do you mean you’re not lucky. You lied to me?”

The cricket cries as he nods his head.

Mushu proceeds to accuse Mulan’s horse of being a sheep (after referring to the horse as a cow throughout the movie).

Back on April 3, 2024, Berggren made a claim to us all. 

While he might not have meant to lie to us, he did and here’s how it impacts the Grand Rapids Griffins (the American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings).

In his post game interview he was asked about his hat trick. While he admitted it was cool, Berggren claimed that it was his “first and probably only hat trick” of his career. 

Funny, just over a month later and with the stakes raised higher Berggren netted another hat trick. 

In contrast to the cricket from Mulan, Berggren cited luck as the difference maker in his game. 

If Berggren isn’t a true goal scorer, then he may very well be luckier than the cricket. For context, the cricket is in fact lucky throughout the entire film surviving a crazed grandmother, crazy matchmaker, war, and fireworks. 

Whatever (or whoever) Berggren is, goal scorer, lucky, or just a darn good hockey player, the Detroit Red Wings organziation is lucky to have him as long as he will stay. 

Of course, Berggren was the convincing first star of the game, another player came to my mind for the honor.