Detroit Red Wings have a huge game ahead vs. Senators on Wednesday

There's a lot on the table as the Detroit Red Wings are looking to finish the first half strong against the Ottawa Senators.

Ottawa Senators right wing Mathieu Joseph (21) scuffles with Detroit Red Wings forward Christian Fischer (36).
Ottawa Senators right wing Mathieu Joseph (21) scuffles with Detroit Red Wings forward Christian Fischer (36). / Brian Bradshaw Sevald-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Red Wings are heading into a massive game on Wednesday. The team is set to face the Ottawa Senators on home ice, seeing their nemesis come to town. Detroit and Ottawa have become a newly developed rivalry over the past few years.

As the Detroit Red Wings continue, the Senators are simply looking to limp through the finish line. Things in Ottawa could be better, and it's not just on the ice. They had their team sold, and the new hires in the front office have led to plenty of changes for the Senators.

The Senators are 19-25-2, sitting in last place amongst the Atlantic Division. One would view this as a tough contest, but for Detroit, this should be viewed in a couple of different ways. The blood was boiling, especially after the last time these two teams matched up.

The Red Wings have a chance to send a serious message on Wednesday. Though MLive reported that the team is hoping to "manage emotions" and not seek retribution, something should be done. To the media, head coach Derek Lalonde is preaching to be the bigger team. But it could be a different script behind closed doors. Detroit needs this one.

But, even with two big points on the line for Detroit. There will be some leftover frustration from the last time these two teams matched up. The game stung Detroit for a while after Dylan Larkin was knocked unconscious from a hit in front of the net by Mathieu Joseph.

It was a scary scene, and that image was burned into Red Wings fans' minds for a bit there. It feels like one of those games where Detroit needs to set the tone. They can be the bigger team and play through 60 minutes looking for a win, but the team needs to match the physicality, finish their checks, and send a message to Ottawa.

Detroit Red Wings need these two points, revenge or not.

After all, the Red Wings are 9-2-1 this month, in position to add in two more points before the All-Star Break. So, focusing on the win is the priority here. But, a chance to get under the skin of Brady Tkachuk would be quite fun to watch, as he loves to insert himself where he does not belong.

Detroit will have to maintain a calm feel, maintain some poise, and stay in control of their actions. But selfishly, I want to see Detroit playing physically, using the body, and avoiding the Senator's push to get under their skin and cause problems.

The last time these two teams met was horrible. It stung. Watching that all unfold, followed by the six-game suspension for Red Wings forward David Perron, was even less exciting. The point is that this game's a big one. It's the Senators, so its two points the Red Wings need to cap off a big month, but a game that Detroit really needs to win.

The Red Wings have to be looking ahead to the All-Star break, but Detroit needs to finish strong, and all that stands between them and this break is their clash with Ottawa. Detroit needs to put their foot down, pick up two points, and find a way to beat Ottawa at all costs.