Could the Detroit Red Wings have a handful of 20-goal scorers?

The Detroit Red Wings offense has been firing on all cylinders this year. They're on pace to have sveral players cross the 20-goal threshold in 2023-24.

Detroit Red Wings right wing Alex DeBrincat (93) skates to a face-off.
Detroit Red Wings right wing Alex DeBrincat (93) skates to a face-off. / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Red Wings are in line for a big year offensively, with a strong finish to the season. They have a chance to see the scoring continue to show up across the board. It's been a productive year offensively, seeing the team take some serious steps in the right direction.

The Detroit Red Wings should be thrilled about how things have unfolded to this point. The offense is finding ways to get it done, and they have been able to put themselves in the hunt for a postseason appearance. Detroit could be looking at several goalscorers over the 20-goal threshold.

Getting into the second half of the season, the team has ten players who have scored ten goals or more this season. Captain Dylan Larkin has already scored 23 goals, so the Red Wings will have at least one goalscorer past the 20-goal threshold.

However, the Red Wings are in a position to see five or six players get across that threshold. It will depend on who can tap into some scoring down the home stretch as the team cruises to the finish line. With the offense being able to produce at a higher clip this year, it's certainly possible.

Detroit Red Wings may have a handful of players score 20+ goals.

In terms of the leaderboard, those ten players above ten goals will have to put together some high-scoring games to get there, but it's certainly possible. Players like Alex DeBrincat and Lucas Raymond have a chance to get there. But let's look at the leaderboard and which players could get to 20 goals.

Alex DeBrincat - 18G-25A--43PTS

Since Larkin already has eclipsed 20 goals, he's pushing for 30. But next up is Alex DeBrincat, who has 18 tallies this year. He has a chance to keep putting goals on the board after a lull in his performance through the middle of the campaign. But the odds he'll cross over that 20-goal threshold are very high.

At one point early this year, it felt like he would push for 40 goals, but he could be in that 25-30 range if he starts adding some tallies down the wire.

Daniel Sprong - 14G-19A--33PTS

One of the players who has started to pay off with his contract is Daniel Sprong. He's got a chance to eclipse 20 goals, and with how well things have gone for him this year, it seems more than likely. Sprong has been utilized quite well since he came to Detroit.

The Red Wings have found a way to mix in Sprong in offensive situations, allowing him to create good scoring chances, which has paid off. He's been great for the Red Wings and has a chance to continue proving his worth down the stretch.

Lucas Raymond - 14G-22A--42PTS

Coming into this season, there was a lot of hype around Lucas Raymond. He spent a lot of time working on his frame and body last summer and has improved. He has been able to get the job done this year, being a productive member for the Red Wings offense.

Raymond has 14 goals and has a chance to keep adding to his season total. There's a chance to get to 20 goals if Raymond keeps finding ways to do it offensively. He's another player who could cross that threshold.

Robby Fabbri - 13G-8A--21PTS

One of the things that the Detroit Red Wings have learned over the years is that Robby Fabbri will be hot and cold. He's sometimes been great for Detroit, finding ways to get it done offensively, even battling some adversity. He's had his share of injuries and missed time on the ice but usually finds ways to get it done for the team.

Fabbri's at 13 goals on the season. If he can stay healthy and remain in the Red Wings lineup, there's a chance he will get to 20 goals this season.