Detroit Red Wings fans calling for Steve Yzerman's head are overreacting

The Detroit Red Wings are teetering in the playoff race, but sitting here and calling for the firing of Steve Yzerman and Derek Lalonde is outlandish.

Detroit Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman announces the team's draft pick.
Detroit Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman announces the team's draft pick. / Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Red Wings season has been full of ups and downs. At times, it has felt like cloud nine, with the Red Wings looking like a sure-bet playoff team. At other times, they have taken some serious steps in the wrong direction. It's been quite interesting, but after all, the ups and downs are to be expected.

The Detroit Red Wings are hoping that their playoff hopes can stay alive. With Dylan Larkin back in the lineup, taking it to the Islanders, tallying two goals in a win against a team they are battling within the playoff race as the season winds down.

However, some of the lows of this year have been quite tough. It's left the Red Wings faithful starting to turn on the organization. There have been rumblings of fans wanting to see Derek Lalonde get fired. Some folks seem to feel this is a solution, but in reality, it does not seem like the best option.

However, the bigger and more rash opinion amongst the fans that has come about is the idea that some Red Wings fans want Steve Yzerman to be fired. What a blasphemous thing to say! Yzerman has built this team and while it has taken time, they have brighter times ahead, finally.

Talks of firing Steve Yzerman amongst Detroit Red Wings fans is crazy.

Yzerman has been able to come back to Detroit and start building something from nothing. When Ken Holland departed the organization, there was fragments left behind, but a lot of work to be done. It has been a challenging road, and the Red Wings have had to climb back into a spot where they can compete slowly.

Sure, there is still work to be done, but Detroit has finally started to turn a corner. Yzerman has made countless good moves, and while some of his trades, signings, and draft picks have seen some scrutiny, the Red Wings faithful need to take a chill pill. To sit there and say that Yzerman needs to go is simply incorrect.

Matter of opinion or not, saying that the Red Wings should move on from Yzerman, as well as Lalonde, is just silly. The "Fire Lalonde" crowd had been strong in December and seemingly resurfaced during the team's latest skid. But, now attacking Yzerman, too, is just downright silly.

The Red Wings have the right people in the right spots. Yzerman is the guy the Red Wings needed, and Lalonde has been solid behind the bench. Detroit is doing the right things and will get things straightened out.