David Perron's outlook with the Detroit Red Wings has seemingly changed

Detroit Red Wings forward David Perron went from being a trade candidate, to being someone who may earn an extension. But, why?

Detroit Red Wings left wing David Perron (57) receives fist bumps after scoring a goal.
Detroit Red Wings left wing David Perron (57) receives fist bumps after scoring a goal. / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

One of the moves that the Detroit Red Wings made a couple of summers ago was to sign David Perron. The veteran forward had a wealth of experience under his belt and a lower price point, allowing him to step in and work well with the developing roster around him.

Perron signed a two-year, $9.5 million contract to join the Detroit Red Wings when Steve Yzerman went on his first real spending spree on the free agent market. Perron takes home $4.75 million annually and serves as good depth throughout the team's forward core.

He's been effective. In 2022-23, he provided depth to the second line and allowed the team to run deeper throughout the offense, helping add in some goals and allowing the Red Wings offense to produce at a higher level. He finished 2022-23 with 24 goals and 32 assists for 56 points in the campaign, playing in all 82 games.

Things have been different in 2023-24. He has been "replaced" in a sense with the influx of firepower that has joined the top six. Perron has Alex DeBrincat and Patrick Kane helping fill out that top six. It's resulted in Perron's ice time going from 16:55, just under 17 minutes a night, down to 15:12 per night this season.

David Perron's outlook with the Detroit Red Wings has changed again.

Through 56 games played in 2023-24, Perron has 12 goals and 16 assists for 28 total points -- half the points he put up last year, with less than half the season to go. So unless he really turns it on, he'll fall short of the 56-point season he managed last year. Things have changed for Perron; in fact, at times, he's been the place of blame for some fans.

The Red Wings trade deadline plans have shifted from what they may have been around January 1st, but this is also the case with Perron's outlook. There were rumblings that Perron was going to be dealt with and may have been shopped around as a trade chip ahead of the deadline.

However, the tune changed during Saturday's broadcast of the Red Wings slaughter of the Blues. Emily Kaplan reported that the Red Wings are more likely to hang on to Perron and potentially even extend him. The rumors pointed to Perron earning an extension rather than being a deadline trade chip.

Perron has seemingly gone from being an unrestricted free agent who was going to be traded or let walk to a player that Steve Yzerman is looking to extend. It speaks to the narrative of keeping this team's core together. It's a great idea, especially with how well things are going.

But it is interesting to see how things may have switched up with Perron, especially as the trade deadline starts to loom in the near future.