3 blueliners the Red Wings must avoid trading for in the 2024 offseason

The Detroit Red Wings need to acquire defensemen and goaltenders in 2024, but there are three potential trade candidates they should refrain from targeting.
Dec 22, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA;  Detroit Red Wings right wing Alex DeBrincat (93) Philadelphia
Dec 22, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Red Wings right wing Alex DeBrincat (93) Philadelphia / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
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Erik Brannstrom, D/Ottawa Senators

The former 15th overall pick in 2017 and pending RFA may not be the only blueliner on the move from the Ottawa Senators, but there is a good chance Erik Brannstrom is about to wear out his welcome in the Canadian capital. As with the other two listed on the previous slides, Brannstrom’s most recent performances have been marginal, at best. He’s put up a meager 52 points and five goals in 203 games starting in 2021-22, with just 17:15 of average total ice time to show for it. 

Brannstrom was supposed to be a key fixture for the Sens when the Vegas Golden Knights traded to Ottawa in 2019 in a deal that sent Mark Stone to Nevada. But when you take out the 19:46 of ATOI he gave the Sens in 2021-22, Brannstrom has averaged just 16:21 of ATOI over the past two seasons and has 38 points in 150 contests. 

In his defense, Brannstrom’s advanced numbers are solid at even strength over the past two seasons. He’s been on the ice for more goals for than allowed, he’s well over 50 percent in the Corsi, his possession quality has been positive, and Brannstrom’s shown that he can play on the man advantage and at 4-on-5. 

Brannstrom is one of those players who could be a solid addition, but it’s clear that a team would need to limit his ice time for him to play to his potential. The Red Wings need someone who can make a positive impact for between 22 and 24 minutes a game, and neither Brannstrom nor the other two listed in this slideshow will do that. 


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference)