Begging for Jonatan Berggren’s villain era for the Grand Rapids Griffins

The American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate to the Detroit Red Wings took game 1 in overtime Saturday night. A few changes to the lineup may be necessary for the second game of the series to ensure victory. 
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Shai Buium should enter the chat

Another backend change that could help the Grand Rapids Griffins is Shai Buium. 

If I were the Grand Rapids Griffins coaching staff, Buium would be a member of the top-six defensemen on this team.

In his first outing with the Grand Rapids Griffins, he played well. Now that he’s practiced with the team, he should play even better. 

Like Newpower, Buium can deliver big hits, but more importantly, he moves the puck out of the zone well, is smart with his positioning and decision-making, and skates well. He defends his goalie with all his might and enters the fray without question to help his teammates while possessing a mature two-way game. 

Impressively, Buium doesn’t take many penalties. In a world where specialty teams make or break games, his discipline balanced with physical play would be a welcomed sight.

I’m not sure if Newpower or Buium will draw into the lineup. It may be more likely that Coach Watson will make no changes for the second game in this series.

With Buium’s inexperience and the ever-increasing pressure, it might be a challenge to adjust to the playoffs. If anyone could do it and do it well, it is Buium. They brought him in for a reason and if he gets adjusted in this series, the Grand Rapids Griffins will reap the benefits throughout the rest of the playoffs. 

His style of play is a great fit for the Grand Rapids Griffins team both currently and in the future.

Once fully adjusted, Buium should be able to take on the opposing players' top forwards and defensemen—alleviating the likes of Edvinsson and Johansson for a few shifts each period to strut their stuff.

Buium also possesses incredible skill that could help the Grand Rapids Griffins in a matchup against the rough-and-tumble opponent.