Are Detroit Red Wings fans ready for Simon Edvinsson?

Drafting and developing is fun, but what’s even better? Watching Detroit Red Wings defenseman Simon Edvinsson play hockey in the National Hockey League. Here’s why.
Detroit Red Wings v Montreal Canadiens
Detroit Red Wings v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages
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Picture it, the year is 2007 somewhere in the state of Michigan, Western New York, or somewhere in between family and I sit to watch a new program. 

Although flip phones and video quality age the program, it’s where time seemingly stops. 

The jokes are just as funny as they were during the first watch through. 

As we tried getting our California family watching this program, something strange happened (and seems to happen every time we put it on the TV). 

Not sure if it’s a practical joke, as one of our guardian angels is a bit of a prankster (and it's one of his favorite shows), or if we are just tired, but it happens each time without fail.

Rewatching my favorite TV show for the countless time, I can’t help but find a connection with my viewings of Detroit Red Wings prospect Simon Edvinsson. Are Detroit Red Wings fans ready for him?

I hear the detractors now, maybe it’s just a boring show?

Odd. Ridiculous. Silly. All over the place. 

From Tim Curry being incarcerated in a blueberry to the Blueberry hitting a German speed bump, Bruton Gaster with a fear of toupee to Shawn overcoming his batting yips, Psych is many things but boring isn’t (usually) one of those. 

“He loves me not…Oops he’s dead” (Season 1, Episode 11) sees a young Shawn Spencer attempting to hide his face with a hat as he runs by his dad. 

His astute dad, Henry Spencer, immediately knows that something is up and demands to know what Shawn is hiding. Moving his hat, we see Shawn has a black eye. 

Henry, asks if Shawn was in a fight.

“Elizabeth” Shawn replies when Henry asks who hit him.

Although, it wasn’t actually a fight. Shawn illustrates the events where his classmate Elizabeth, invited him to join her at lunch. Then, she just punched him while he was eating his tater tots.

Brilliantly, Henry asks, “...What was she doing while you were eating your tater tots.”

“I don’t know, she was talking about something,” Shawn remarks.

Henry inquired, “What, what was she talking about?”

“I have no idea, she just went on and on and I was concentrating on my tater tots,” exclaimed Shawn.

As Shawn holds an icepack over his eye, Henry explains it was a first date. Elizabeth invited Shawn over to her table because she likes him, but he didn’t listen to her story.

Furthering his point, Henry says that women want you to listen to their stories and compliment them. It’s not just with women, though, as he continues.

Tuning into people and anticipating needs are important across all relationships in life.