5 Detroit Red Wings players that should not be traded

The Detroit Red Wings, with the National Hockey League (NHL) trade deadline approaching, need to hang on to these 5 players and here’s why.
Detroit Red Wings v Boston Bruins
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2. David Perron, the Detroit Red Wings "soul"

I hear the discourse now: David Perron is the reason Berggren doesn’t have a real chance with the Detroit Red Wings. 

To a degree, I see the argument. At the same time, I think there is room for Perron and Berggren. Berggren is a big reason I want Perron to stay with the Detroit Red Wings for the remainder of the season (and over the next few seasons if he’ll stay).

If there’s one veteran forward that I want my young forwards to learn from, it’s Perron. His attitude remains the same wherever he plays in the lineup. He is one of the best puck protectors I’ve watched, and he is passionate about the game and making the playoffs. His talents may also help guys figure out how to play at different speeds. 

Guys like Alex DeBrincat, Dylan Larkin, and Patrick Kane push the pace of play quickly, whereas Perron does things in his own way and is very effective at it. So many players, especially young ones like Berggren, think they have to go dancing in the offensive zone all by themselves and take on five guys at once. Sometimes, it’s better to take a moment or surprise the opponent as a trailing player in the rush, like I see Perron do regularly.

Also, the Red Wings guys seem to play better when he’s in the lineup and in the locker room. Perron knows exactly where he wants to be when the season is over, holding Lord Stanley. His winning mentality and the expectation to win every season is imperative to instill a culture of winning, which is one of the most challenging and delicate things to build in the NHL.


3. Christian Fischer, "The Key" for the Detroit Red Wings

Forward Christian Fischer is becoming one of my favorite Detroit Red Wings players and may be one of the most important guys on the Red Wings. 

Over the last couple of games, I’m sure it’s happened previous to these games as I’m slow to catch on to things; I have noticed the Red Wings struggle at times. Then, Fischer’s line comes on the ice granted there’s more than just Fischer on that line, but he seems to drive it. Either with a hard hit, stirring it up with the opponent, helping with extended zone time, or a dangerous scoring chance, Fischer seems to inspire Larkin. 

It’s ironic that our engine sometimes needs a key to turn it on, but the shifts of Larkin following Fischer’s line seem to have a different feel to them.

Fischer isn’t likely to cost much money or term either, so I’d be happy to keep him this year and as long as he wants to stay. He doesn’t take a spot from a young guy and, in fact, provides some of the best qualities in a player that I would love young players to learn from.