5 Detroit Red Wings players that should not be traded

The Detroit Red Wings, with the National Hockey League (NHL) trade deadline approaching, need to hang on to these 5 players and here’s why.

Detroit Red Wings v Boston Bruins
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1. Jonatan Berggren, the Detroit Red Wings "Swedish Gem"

It’s wild to me to see the change in fan perception of players over time. From Evgeny Svechnikov to Filip Zadina, the Detroit Red Wings fans can turn vicious at times.

In previous seasons, it was difficult to read some things Detroit Red Wings fans wrote about young players, and still do, about young players like Zadina. Some people seem to forget that these players are in fact, real people, it seems. 

The new guy on the block is Jonatan Berggren

This year’s candidate hits a bit differently with all the negativity surrounding him. 

While I've enjoyed watching players' careers in the past, Berggren's journey is one I have identified with differently from when the Red Wings drafted him. From his upbeat attitude to the adversity he's faced in such a young life to the funny antics he creates behind the scenes speaks volumes of him.

In the grand scheme of things, I know very little.

I know that Berggren is a darn good hockey player, and he possesses the most invaluable quality in any sport. He has fun, which should not be underestimated in life. 

Having fun, no matter the circumstances, eases the tension, alleviates stress to some degree, and helps people go above and beyond things they never thought were possible.

For me, I know I do much better at any task I’m given if I’m having fun. 


The NHL is a grueling season that is nearly impossible to complete successfully, which is just the start for hopeful teams. Then, the goal is to move to an even greater insurmountable task—the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Berggren has shown that he will have fun. Even on nights when he doesn’t have it, I still see Berggren finding something to smile about. Some of those smiles might be based on sarcasm, but a smile is important nonetheless.

This season seems to be the most difficult for Berggren regarding on-ice difficulties (at least from the time I began watching him). Admittedly, he’s seemed frustrated since returning to the Grand Rapids Griffins. I can’t blame him if there is frustration building. 

Maybe people misconstrue this frustration as a poor attitude, but that’s a bit misplaced in my opinion.

The fact that he’s frustrated with the success he’s proven for the Grand Rapids Griffins last season (arguably the worst season for the Grand Rapids Griffins in a long time) and this season makes him a human. Nothing more.

Hopefully, the Red Wings can work with Berggren and give him a real opportunity on the power play in the middle six forward group after the trade deadline or next season (if Berggren elects to stay, which I hope he does).

I think both parties, the Red Wings and Berggren, stand to gain so much from each other. Having Berggren learn from some of the greatest, most effective offensive forwards in the league might be tantalizing enough to stay (if he accepts the challenge to keep fighting for his spot in the NHL).