5 Detroit Red Wings players that should not be traded

The Detroit Red Wings, with the National Hockey League (NHL) trade deadline approaching, need to hang on to these 5 players and here’s why.
Detroit Red Wings v Boston Bruins
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This season is slightly different for the Detroit Red Wings than in years past. They have a real chance of chasing a playoff spot, and I anticipate Steve Yzerman’s approach to the trade deadline changes accordingly.

There are many needs that the Detroit Red Wings have. Thankfully, these holes aren’t as glaring as in seasons past, but change is still necessary to move forward.

Expectedly, players will move in and out of the Red Wings’ roster. Of course, there will not be a substantial return without giving up high-value assets.

As important as it is to acquire valuable players is maintaining valuable players. There is a fine balancing act that Yzerman needs to perform. Channeling my wannabe Yzerplan, I've thought of players who might be get traded but my do not trade list seems easier to form.

These 5 Detroit Red Wings players should not be moved this season.

They bring tangible and intangible qualities that aren't easy to find. Two players are considered prospects, while three are on the Red Wings roster. Expectedly, my list differs from yours and I would love to know who you wouldn't want to trade if you were Yzerman.