4 heroes emerge as Grand Rapids Griffins roast more than a pig (3 Red Wings prospects)

These 3 Detroit Red Wings prospects and a bonus Grand Rapids Griffins player stepped up in the fourth game of the series. Here's who and why.
Detroit Red Wings v Dallas Stars
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Josiah Didier

I didn’t have Josiah Didier as a hero on my bingo card for game 3, yet he personally handed me the marker to stamp it.

Throughout the regular season, Didier struggled at times with killing plays, getting pucks out of the zone, and controlling his emotions. Like many other veterans on the team, he would take penalties at the most inopportune times.

As the season progressed, these aspects of his game improved, however, I found it telling he wasn’t considered a top-9 defenseman through the first two games of the series. I wondered how the captain of the Grand Rapids Griffins would handle this situation. 

When called upon, Didier played a mean, reliable game. 

Unlike Cossa’s literal backside tonight (a goal literally bounced off him and in, stuff happens), Didier’s aided the Grand Rapids Griffins with a huge block to maintain their lead. It was a rare occasion where Cossa hadn’t tracked the puck as well, and would’ve been caught out of position. The captain said, not today!

Also, he brought a spark that his team sorely lacked in the previous game. Big hits can change the momentum of the game, wake teammates up from a nap on the bench, and inspire somber fans.

Didier delivered punishing hits, dishing physicality whenever possible:

Coasting vets seemingly dragged into fights and young players understanding that they don’t have to take bullying from their opponents are vital pieces to any chance of success in this playoff series. 

Going forward, I expect nothing less from the captain.

It should be an interesting game 4 Sunday. We’ll see who steps up when the stakes raise to a new level.

On a side note, rest in peace to the sacrificial pig. May the piggy run forever free over the rainbow bridge.

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