4 heroes emerge as Grand Rapids Griffins roast more than a pig (3 Red Wings prospects)

These 3 Detroit Red Wings prospects and a bonus Grand Rapids Griffins player stepped up in the fourth game of the series. Here's who and why.
Detroit Red Wings v Dallas Stars
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Jonatan Berggren

Another re-entry to the list, but it's deserved all the same.

Any chance I get to plug Jonatan Berggren, I will take it. He works his tail off, has fun, and keeps playing regardless of the referees. (Berggren only exists to linesemen who blow play dead at the blue line whether it was offsides or not, I’m not bitter.)

There’s nothing but respect for a player that hardly anyone takes seriously on the ice. Maybe, the kid is just lucky and his skills aren’t translatable to the NHL. Then again, everyone said he’s too small. He doesn’t get to the inside of the ice enough. He’s only good at passing, not a goalscorer. One-trick ponies can only do so much.

All series, Berggren has played to the best of his ability, dancing across the ice with regularity. No longer a small, perimeter, pass-only player, Berggren has improved every aspect of his game. Even making a great defensive play tonight.

In 2 wins this series, both came off of Berggren’s stick in overtime. As a self-proclaimed non-goalscorer, Berggren sure knows how to score goals. If this keeps up, he might not be able to make that statement much longer:

Fortunately for the Grand Rapids Griffins and Detroit Red Wings fans, it seems that Berggren is finding his groove. As Bob Kaser, the VP/Broadcaster of the Grand Rapids Griffins, alluded to Friday night, Berggren has a flare for the dramatic. 

Dramatic? Berggren? 

The Dramatic Dancing King finished with a goal, assist, and 5 shots on goal. Just 1 fight shy of a Gordie Howe hat trick.