4 heroes emerge as Grand Rapids Griffins roast more than a pig (3 Red Wings prospects)

These 3 Detroit Red Wings prospects and a bonus Grand Rapids Griffins player stepped up in the fourth game of the series. Here's who and why.
Detroit Red Wings v Dallas Stars
Detroit Red Wings v Dallas Stars / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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What a roller coaster of a game 3 for the Grand Rapids Griffins?

From the moment the puck dropped, the team seemed to have found their rhythm. It was a welcomed sight from the previous game. 

As I suspected, the Grand Rapids Griffins' hearts took detours, but found their way back on the ice in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Friday night. Better late than never as they say (they being people, Dad).

The Grand Rapids Griffins ended the game with a commanding 42-30 shot lead over their opponent. If a game was determined by shots, zone time, and carrying of play, the Grand Rapids Griffins would have slayed their opponent. 

Contrary to the interworkings of the game, the most dangerous lead in hockey proved its dominance yet again. Teams get comfortable, take their foot off of the gas, and conserve energy. Suddenly, the 3-1 lead evaporates like a mirage in a desert and players are left with is a case of confusion, tired legs, and exhaustion. 

Lucky for Grand Rapids Griffins and Detroit Red Wings fans alike, heroes brought home a win. While it was a team-spirited affair, 3 players stuckout in game 3 of the series.

Can you guess who they might be?