3 Grand Rapids Griffins Standouts Round 2, Game 1

These were the 3 best players on the ice for the Grand Rapids Griffins in round 2, game 1 of the playoffs.
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After an eternity came to an end, the Grand Rapids Griffins played their first game in round 2 of the playoffs. 

In contrast to their opponents who played within the last few days, it was a foregone conclusion the Grand Rapids Griffins would need to regain their timing, legs, and enthusiasm. 

Coaching staff and players alike seemed to have missed this memo, as they played well. Some passes were just a bit off, positioning just a hair out of place, and shots fired just a tad wide or high happened. The last period wasn’t their best, but nothing is perfect. All we can ask for is moving in the right direction and the Grand Rapids Griffins are doing just that.

 For a team that had a 9-day layoff, I really couldn’t ask more from them.

There were plenty of options for the standout players of the game. Honestly, the coaching staff may deserve the most credit. How they got the team ready at puck drop is something that still amazes me. The Grand Rapids Griffins were a strong, well-rounded team last night. They started on time and kept their foot on the gas as much as they could.

Of all the player performances, these 3 rose above the rest.

One recurring member is on the list, but this game we have 2 newcomers to the list.