3 Best Detroit Red Wings prospects in the AHL playoffs (so far)

Over the last 2 games, these are the 3 best Detroit Red Wings players in the AHL playoffs for the Grand Rapids Griffins and why.
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Jonatan Berggren

The most polarizing prospect for the Detroit Red Wings has emerged from Filip Zadina’s shadow. Berggren is a player that a fan either loves or hates. I fall into the former category. 

A couple of fans had the audacity to claim that a broken play was the reason Berggren was demoted. Funny, to me his play last night and the previous game said everything to the contrary. 

To me, Berggren looks hurt. I do mean hurt. Not sure if it’s a hip, his back, a combination of things, or something else, but he’s playing through something(s). He’s not alone in that category. Many Grand Rapids Griffins seem banged up heading into game 3. I’m not sure if any injury justifies sitting out the next game, but we shall see. From what I could tell, though, Berggren is playing through more than a little injury.

In game 1, opponents rocked and socked him however they wanted to, as Berggren doesn’t exist to the referees for some reason. He had the last laugh with the overtime winner.

Game 2 saw even more vicious hits. Anytime Berggren seemed to have a spark of any kind, an opposing player was there with a waterfall the size of Niagra Falls. It didn’t stop Berggren from doing his best to attempt plays.

It’s all that i can ask of Berggren until something else gives. 

I think he needs help. Maybe it’s in the form of switching up his linemates, his defensemen making better passes, or his team giving a darn again.

Here’s to hoping in game 3, Berggren can channel his inner Star-Lord. Challenging the opposition to a dance-off, face-off (for those of you who have seen Guardians of the Galaxy 3), or anything else while he piles up points would be ideal. (Please note there is a curse word in the below video.)

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