3 Best Detroit Red Wings prospects in the AHL playoffs (so far)

Over the last 2 games, these are the 3 best Detroit Red Wings players in the AHL playoffs for the Grand Rapids Griffins and why.
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Antti Tuomisto

Speaking of defensemen, Antti Tuomisto has had a quiet 2 games. There was a 2-minute tripping penalty in the opening minute of game 1, however, it was a questionable call at best. 

He hasn’t been on the ice for a goal (both for or against). I can feel disappointment from some fans, but try to remember the Grand Rapids Griffins gave up 5 goals on Wednesday night and 2 in the prior game. Maybe Tuomisto was lucky, or maybe he completed his objective.

Pizzazz is great for certain players, while other players work in the shadows. Every now and then, Tuomisto lays a thunderous hit or blasts a shot from the point. For the most part, though, Tuomisto is a defensively-responsible, smartly-positioned player who puts his team before himself. All these aspects shined throughout both games to those fans who paid attention.

His skating has significantly improved since being drafted in 2019, but he’s not winning foot races. Instead, he must play conservatively and pay close attention to the game to find success on the ice. 

Thus far, the future looks bright for Tuomisto both in the near and far future.