3 Best Detroit Red Wings prospects in the AHL playoffs (so far)

Over the last 2 games, these are the 3 best Detroit Red Wings players in the AHL playoffs for the Grand Rapids Griffins and why.
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Bonus: Radim Šimek

I was going to include Radim Šimek on the list of prospects, but I heard the negative noodles before typing. 

“A 31-year old is not considered a prospect at any position in hockey.” 

Aside from being personally offended at anyone thinking 31 years of age is “old,” I have to say that you are likely right. However, it takes nothing away from Šimek’s performance in the last 2 games (and since he’s joined the Grand Rapids Griffins, quite frankly).

When we traded for him I thought and felt many things. Confusion. Frustration. With the predominant question being, but why? We have countless left handed defensemen who are really good. So good, in fact, that we had to say goodbye to a promising one in Donovan Sebrango already. We don’t have a need for another veteran player taking a slot from a young defenseman.

Luckily for me, I’m constantly proven wrong. Especially in the context of the Detroit Red Wings, thanks to general manager Steve Yzerman.

The Detroit Red Wings system desperately needed a quality veteran defenseman since former Grand Rapids Griffins captain (and legend) Brian Lashoff retired. He can only do so much behind the bench as a defensive coach. It seems that the Grand Rapids Griffins found their answer in Šimek.

He plays a hard, effective game that surprises me at times. From keeping pucks in the zone, to heavy hits, to taking hits to make a play, to the effort, to making plays, and everywhere in between, Šimek is just the player this organization needed. We got him just in the nick of time.