Detroit Red Wings telecast gets some love in recent polls

Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels have been broadcast partners for 23 seasons.Mickey Redmond
Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels have been broadcast partners for 23 seasons.Mickey Redmond /

The Detroit Red Wings telecast has made the games watchable over the last few years, and they have finally gotten some love in a recent poll. The Athletic ($) ran a poll about which broadcasts are the best, according to the fans.

Based on the poll, the Detroit Red Wings were able to come in second across the whole league. While in the piece, it said the Red Wings were no.1 last season but still came in as no.2 according to the poll.

It’s a nice pat on the back for the Red Wings telecast, which certainly deserves it. Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels frontline the crew, always finding ways to keep the Red Wings fans up-to-date on the action and keeping us entertained.

Plenty of other faces help round out the cast, with John Keating, Larry Murphy, Trevor Thompson, and the goalies. Jimmy Howard and Chris Osgood bring their own aspect that just makes it a fun watch, even if Howie is still a bit green on the screen.

The Detroit Red Wings telecast gets a nice pat on the back.

Given how bad the Red Wings were just a few years ago, the Red Wings broadcast has made hockey even more watchable. I know for a fact when I notice it’s an ESPN+ broadcasted game or a TNT-covered game, it sucks.

Tuning into Red Wings games to listen to the telecast crew do their thing has been great. Between the Keats and Ozzie “beef” that continues, Mickey being, well, Mickey, helps make it so great. This might be because I am in my 20s, but Redmond reminds me of what my parents talk about regarding the Tigers and Ernie Harwell.

My father talks about listening to Ernie while falling asleep back in the day. Frankly, the same could be said from my younger years about Dan Dickerson and even Ken Kal when I was sneaking the radio on a low volume to catch the end of the Red Wings game only to get busted when the Kal was screaming, “HE SCORESSSSSSS!!”

But seriously, Redmond has been a treasure when it comes to Red Wings hockey. The whole broadcast deserves a pat on the back, not just Redmond, but it’s going to be a sad day when the voices of Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond are not calling the games.

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Red Wings hockey is even easier to watch with their current telecast crew, and my hope is that they are able to see the finished product and watch this team compete once again from the booth, calling it along the way.