Detroit Red Wings fans react to Jamie Benn’s heinous cross-check

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Over the past few seasons, Jamie Benn has become public enemy No.1 to Detroit Red Wings fans. Do I dare say taking over that spot from Sidney Crosby? Ok, ok, ok. Depending on how you feel that particular day, they can be referred to as 1A and 1B. Right now, Benn takes the top spot, well, because he’s still playing hockey in late May and doing foolish things while Crosby failed to make the postseason.

Benn, 33, found himself in the headlines for, yet again, another heinous act. In game three of the Western Conference Finals, albeit behind in the series by two games to none, the Stars’ captain brutally cross-checked Mark Stone, the captain of the Vegas Golden Knights, in the neck.

Benn was given a five-minute major penalty and game misconduct for the unintelligent act. Vegas would go on to win the game and now have a stranglehold on the series with a 3-0 lead. Following the game, Benn scampered from the arena before he could be questioned about his senseless cross-check leaving his teammates and head coach to answer for his actions. I am no genius, but  that doesn’t seem very ‘captain-like.’

The NHL’s Player Safety elected to suspend Benn for two games. Of course, there is a chance he will return to the series, but I wouldn’t count on the way things have gone for the Dallas Stars over the first three contests.

Detroit Red Wings fans roast Jamie Benn for his idiotic, dangerous cross-check.

As Brad Galli (Sports Director at WXYZ Detroit) mentioned, this is not new behavior from Jamie Benn.

Detroit Red Wings fans remember this play above, which occurred in 2021. Benn cross-checked Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin on the back of the neck while he was in a vulnerable position following a faceoff between the two.

That dirty cross-check from Benn ended Larkin’s season and put him in the hospital, and he was forced to spend eight weeks throughout the summer in a neck brace.

It’s clear that Benn is not afraid to use his stick as a weapon, and he also proved on Wednesday that he wouldn’t hold himself accountable for his actions. Benn didn’t apologize for his outlandish actions, instead made a mockery of them with his halfhearted statement. “Benn said; obviously, I would’ve liked to have not fallen on him and, I guess, use my stick as the landing point.”

What a classy captain. The two-game suspension is not nearly enough, but it’s a shame he will (likely) get out of facing Mark Stone and the rest of the Golden Knights in the handshake line after they send the Stars golfing.

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Unfortunately, Benn isn’t the only player to make a boneheaded play recently. Detroit Red Wings forward Joe Veleno was recently suspended for his brutal stomp at the IIHF World Championships. Veleno was suspended (rightfully so) for five games.