Detroit Red Wings: Pius Suter is scorching hot at the right time

Hold onto your seats because the Detroit Red Wings are making a playoff run for the first time in quite some time. They are within just two points of the Wildcard race and are churning out wins as of late. With wins in nine of the last 13 games played, things are firing on all cylinders for the Red Wings.

As the Detroit Red Wings head back to Detroit after a 3-1 victory against the Washington Capitals, the Red Wings must be happy with the offensive performance they are getting out of Pius Suter. The 26-year-old forward has five goals in as many games for the Red Wings.

He has been scorching hot as of late, and the Red Wings have to be happy with his level of performance, given that he has a slow start to the season for them in 2022-23. In a contract year, it felt like he would be lumped in as a trade deadline asset, shopping him for whatever they could get.

While this would still be the case if the Red Wings were not competing but, they are. The team has things rolling right now, and momentum is a vital part of things going well moving forward. Suter has been red hot and really getting things going offensively as part of this momentum.

Detroit Red Wings forward Pius Suter turning up his performance lately.

The story of the Red Wings’ offense has been Dylan Larkin, and in the background, Suter has woken up and really been able to get his offense going. With two goals on Tuesday night, he brought his season total to 11, with six assists for 17 total points on the season through 53 games played.

He scored a beautiful short-handed goal against Washington for his first tally, streaking through the neutral zone with the puck, creating some space, and then letting one rip into the back of the net to beat Kuemper for the top-shelf goal.

Later on in the game, Suter was able to get involved in the offensive zone once again. He knocked down an attempt to chip out of the zone from Evgeny Kuznetsov, gained control of the puck, took his eyes to the net, and let one rip to pick up his second goal of the contest.

Beyond Tuesday night’s game, Suter really has been finding his offensive scoring touch. He helped cap off the shootout victory over Edmonton last week, burying a goal late in the shootout to seal the win. He had the goal against Seattle and also picked one up against Calgary.

Indeed, the Red Wings have to be thrilled with how Suter has performed as of late. The offense has been shining through, and any momentum in the right direction will help this Red Wings team.

It’s great to see Suter tapping into this offense early on and finding his scoring touch.