A Brief Word on Jakub Vrana: Self-Restraint in an Endlessly Content Hungry World

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As many of you know, Jakub Vrana has entered the NHL/NHLPA’s player assistance program. Quite honestly, it feels dirty typing those words out. It feels dirty because this is a decision that is so intensely personal to someone and should remain with that individual and whomever they choose to share that information.

When news of this nature comes out, I often wonder why it couldn’t just be kept private instead of being plastered all over the news. However, it is entirely possible that there would be far more intrusive speculation if there were no press releases at all.

Speculation that’s certainly a word that can destroy more than it builds. After the press release, many people started speculating about the cause of Vrana’s entry into the player assistance program.

Let me clarify; I am not going to speculate on why Jakub Vrana entered the program.

None of us should proffer half-cocked theories on why this has occurred. I, as well as mostly all Red Wings fans, are just hoping for the absolute best for Jakub and that he is peaceful throughout this time.

Speculation in the age of a world starving for constant content is a dangerous proposition. A prime example of this was seen in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing when internet “sleuths” wildly speculated about potential suspects, causing serious heartache in the process.

I mention this to say that self-restraint is incredibly important during these kinds of events where so much is unknown. It’s okay not to have all the answers; we are but one piece in an infinitely sized puzzle. We’re not meant to know everything.

Truth be told, when I first heard the news about Vrana, I started speculating in my head as to what had happened. That’s when I started thinking about Jakub and his family and how corrosive speculation like mine could play out in public view.

It’s natural that in the face of ambiguous gaps, our mind tries to fill in said gaps with conjecture. However, there’s a difference between that and intrusion into Vrana’s personal decisions. Afford him the grace we often don’t afford others or even ourselves.

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