Red Wings: Observations from the 2022 NHL Prospects Tournament

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Seth Barton, Detroit Red Wings
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Red Wings prospects that were disappointing

Eemil Viro

The third-round pick is considered a potential NHL player. I have never seen him play well. He does not have the anticipation or skating to be a big-time defenseman. He was mostly invisible in the tournament but improved from the first to the third game.

Oscar Plandowski

Always a step behind the play. It could be foot speed, or it could be situational awareness. In either case, he did not show high-end potential in these games.

Seth Barton

Barton appeared to be pressing and took chances that were not there in his few minutes in his first game. But he settled in and looked better in the third game against the Leafs.

Pasquale Zito

He looked slow and showed nothing to make up for his lack of foot speed.

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A nice showing for some future Red Wings. Players were given many opportunities to play in different situations. The future looks clear and bright in Detroit.