The Red Wings Newest Top Prospect: Marco Kasper

Maro Kasper. (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images)
Maro Kasper. (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images) /
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Detroit Red Wings
Marco Kasper. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

What are the Red Wings Getting in Marco Kasper?

The Detroit Red Wings were a big question mark going into the draft. Not as big as the Montreal Canadiens, but they were still pretty big. But now that we know who Yzerman wanted, let’s talk about it.

Marco Kasper is one of the players I felt was reached on. However, I also know that Yzerman is a very trusted general manager. We saw that in Seider and Raymond, so I don’t really expect this to be very different. After all, “In Yzerman we trust”.

The only debate I’d be willing to put out there is that Matthew Savoie was out there for the taking. But, I understand the concern with Savoie. Additionally, I understand that Yzerman only drafts players that fit what he’s looking for. He looks for a certain style of play and that must’ve been Kasper.

Kasper would often be the player who would carry the puck from end-to-end due to his great speed and skill. He has a strong 6-foot-1 frame and isn’t afraid to attack the inside lanes and play in-front of the net.

What really catches my eyes is that he can win some battles against grown-men as a 17-year-old. But, although that is crazy, there is still a lot more depth to his game than that.

He plays the game with tenacity and that style of play is intriguing. He attacks with speed and skill, and while he can pull up to make a play or use his hard shot.

That’s what the Red Wings would be getting in Kasper.