2022 NHL Entry Draft Mock: How Will the Board Fall?

2022 NHL Entry Draft (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
2022 NHL Entry Draft (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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Detroit Red Wings
Conor Geekie of the Winnipeg Ice. (Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images) /

Conor Geekie Prospect Profile

As I stated previously with Brad Lambert, the Red Wings need to find a way to improve their center position. They just need to find a way to really make an impact, and given where they will be selecting from, Conor Geekie could be a perfect fit.

Pro Scout Breakdown

Scott Wheeler of The Athletic:

"“Geekie is a big centre with clear skill as a handler and passer. I debated ranking him as high as No. 13 here as a result. But his modest production this season and a few uninspiring viewings (after an excellent rookie year) left me just a little more hesitant about him than the three names ahead of him here. He’s got impressive hands and body control for his size, which helps him control pucks inside the offensive zone and make plays while also getting the upper hand in board battles. He plays through bumps and thrives taking pucks from the cycle to dangerous areas. “He also skates well enough for his size. It’s certainly not going to be a strength but I don’t see it as the huge issue that some do and I think he moves better than his big brother Morgan (now with the Kraken) did at the same age, and creates his fair share pushing up ice in transition as a result. I do find he forces things too much by trying to go one-on-one and create something that’s not there, and there’s a bit of a hunch to his stride that will need straightening out. He’s got some work to do in the faceoff circle, too. But it’s hard to deny the impressive size-hands combination he has considering his length. He’s got a real ability to hang onto the puck, draw players into him, and then facilitate through or around them. He makes an unusual amount of soft little plays for a player his size, and can attack into coverage because of his hands. He’s really quite comfortable in control of the puck. Geekie’s a legitimate prospect with a desirable set of skills. “Here’s Winnipeg Ice coach James Patrick on Geekie: “(Geekie) has a great shot, is a big body, his skating is good and definitely improved. He’s kind of a lanky kid still, and he has extreme confidence on the ice and can see the ice and make plays. I project him to be a 220-pound, 6-foot-5 centre who is a beast down low. You just look at him and you go ‘holy Christ when he puts 20 pounds on that frame …’ Like he is built right now. He’s lean and muscle. He’s going to be a real hard guy to play against.”"

My Analysis

If I had the choice to get Brad Lambert of Conor Geekie, I would personally chose Brad Lambert. However, Geekie is not to be taken as a joke.

Conor Geekie, being a 6’4″ center with the physical approach to things, doesn’t shy away from challenging people and making them have to really work for it if they want to strip him of the puck. His length really makes it hard for teams to stop him from making a move to the inside or making a move to get to the outside of the defense. Similarly, his length allows him to really make plays on the defensive side as well.

Geekie has a reach that makes it quite easy for him to poke check and stop teams in transition. Knowing that, it could allow him to be one of the best two-way forwards from this draft class.

The biggest concern with Geekie is the fact that his frame, although very beneficial to his play style, makes it hard for him to really beat defenders with speed. His top-end speed quite easily matched by the opposition which will make it hard for him to find a way to score in transition or on a breakaway.

Quite honestly, he reminds me quite a bit of Nolan Patrick coming out of the draft which does scare me a little bit. However, I firmly believe that Nolan Patrick still has the ability to become a good player, but he needs to find a team that can give him minutes in a more offensive line.

Having watched a couple games this season when the Vegas Golden Knights had him fill in on the top line, he actually had a couple very good goals and showed terrific offensive talent. That’s what gives me hope that Patrick just needs to find some more minutes on the ice and get a chance to be apart of a teams top six.

I think knowing that, or having that approach makes me have faith that no matter what flaws Geekie has, if he gets’ put into a situation where the coach really let’s him go out there and just do what he does best, he could become a big part to this growing Red Wings team.