2022 NHL Entry Draft Mock: How Will the Board Fall?

2022 NHL Entry Draft (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
2022 NHL Entry Draft (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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Detroit Red Wings
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Isaac Howard Draft Profile

The only way to truly improve your organization, and to turn things around, is to draft players that can make an impact on your team. This year, the Red Wings have pick eight and they need to find someone that can truly be an impact player on the offensive side of it all.

There are a lot of names that fit that category, but there is one name that have recently been drawing a lot of attention: Isaac Howard.

Professional NHL Draft Scout Thoughts

Now, I know that in my past article regarding Shane Wright, I did the breakdown. However, I also know that I’m not a published NHL draft scout which eliminates my thoughts to nothing more than just meaningless words. Therefore, I took the time to find some professional scouts reports on Isaac Howard. Here is what a couple people had to say.

Corey Pronman of The Athletic:

"“Howard is a player defined by his skill level. His stick skills are among the best in the draft. He can make quick and creative dekes consistently. He’s known as a goal-scorer, but he can make creative passes and make difficult plays in small areas. Howard is a good enough skater for the NHL, but for a 5-foot-10 guy you’d like to see a little more burst. His goal-scoring is more a product of his skill and willingness to attack the middle than an elite shot. He projects as a top-nine winger.” – Corey Pronman of The Athletic"

Scott Wheeler of The Athletic:

"“Howard’s capable of doing things with the puck on his stick and navigating through holes and traffic like few others in this class. He has been the offensive catalyst for the 2004 age group at the program these last two years (after leading them in scoring last season, he’s challenging for the team lead again this season while leading the group in shots on goal by a wide margin). When he’s in attack mode taking pucks from a standstill into the middle of the ice to create looks, he’s a ton of fun to watch and forces opposing players to reach in on him (which draws a lot of penalties). He’s creative. He tries things (occasionally at the offensive zone blue line that he shouldn’t but gets away with) and usually executes. But he’s also a heady player off the puck, hiding in coverage off of it to score his fair share of tap-in goals. I’m a big believer in Howard. He’s a lethal offensive-zone player who gets to the home-plate area and has some of the better hands and instincts in the draft.” – Scott Wheeler of The Athletic"


Howard’s speed is something that I actually find pretty impressive. Now, I will say that his top speed isn’t as high quality as I would’ve liked to have seen. However, the acceleration and burst that I see from him is pretty high quality.

I know that Corey Pronman said above that the speed part of his game is lacking, but I disagree with that statement. He looks incredibly explosive in transition and I feel like he could be a huge threat in breakaways.

Puck Skills

Isaac Howard is one of the more elite puck handlers in the draft. Which, normally I would feel is a bit of an exaggeration for a guy who’s projected a little outside the top 10- but it’s not at all. Howard is an unbelievable puck handler with his ability to move inside or outside with the puck, handle the puck at top speeds and be able to make moves to deke defenseman in the O-Zone.

If the Red Wings are able to match up a player like Jakub Vrana and Isaac Howard, the Red Wings second-line would be dominant. Vrana has the shot that can be a great compliment to Howard’s skill set.


Isaac Howard’s shot is something that I feel wasn’t talked about enough throughout this year’s draft process. He has recently become a top tier goal scorer, and it’s really started to create some buzz around him. Particularly from Scott Wheeler.

He has become pretty vocal on twitter regarding Howard’s offensive talent and that has led to some people talking about him as a top 7-10 pick in this years draft. Which, is what brings me to the point of the article. He would be a terrific fit with the Red Wings given his skill set.