Red Wings: Breaking Down the Top 10 Potential Targets This Off-Season

Jeff Petry of the Montreal Canadiens. (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)
Jeff Petry of the Montreal Canadiens. (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images) /
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Nazem Kadri. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Nazem Kadri, C

Similar to my thinking with the DeAngelo signing, Kadri on the Red Wings would be one of the best signings this team could do for a number of reasons. So, let’s start with the first.

It’s no secret to the entire league that the Red Wings don’t have a center two who can play at an NHL caliber level. And by that, I mean, the talent he posses isn’t made to be in a top six spot. That’s where Kadri comes into play.

Kadri has always been known as a “Dirty player” and although he is that(which i’ll touch on later), he has always been a top six performer. Which, in case it wasn’t clear in that statement, it would mean that he can take on the center two role for Pius Suter who hasn’t really shown he deserves that role. Not to mention, he’s coming off arguably his best season yet and helped the Colorado Avalanche win a Stanley cup.

Having played in 71 games this season with the Avalanche, he had 28 goals and 59 assists for a total of 87 points. Additionally, he played in 16 games in the playoffs and had seven goals, eight assists, for 15 total points. Nearly a point per games in the playoffs. Pretty impressive. Now, let’s talk about the second reason this signing would be so great.

The DeAngelo signing would’ve given the Red Wings a guy who can get under people’s skin. That’s what Kadri could do as well.

Kadri has always been known as a “dirty player” and in this case, that’s something the Red Wings lack. I mean, when someone disrespects a player, who’s going to drop the gloves and punish them? No one. Kadri can though. Additionally, he would give the Red Wings their own instigator which would be very good for the division they are in.

With the Bruins having Brad Marchand on their roster, having a guy who can give it just as good as he takes it would be very beneficial to their team. Marchand is known as a great player who can really get to people with his actions and words. Kadri can do the same.