Should the Red Wings Explore Tyler Bertuzzi Trades This Off-Season?

Tyler Bertuzzi. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
Tyler Bertuzzi. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports /
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Tyler Bertuzzi
Tyler Bertuzzi. Mandatory Credit: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports /

What Could the Red Wings Get in Return for Bertuzzi?

The Detroit Red Wings will undoutedly recevie calls for Tyler Bertuzzi if they added him to the trade block. Teams like the Rangers, Islanders, Sabres, Devils, Predators, Senators, Ducks, Canucks… Pretty much every team I feel would call in relation to his availability. So, knowing the demand for him, what could the Red Wings realistically get in return for Bertuzzi?

So, this of course is all speculation but I have a couple notes before getting into this topic.

First, you have to consider the fact that it’s not at the trade deadline. So, a team is not going to overpay for him on the own merit that they are one player away from getting a cup. So, the package that they receive will be way more down-to-earth than what we see at the deadline where players like Lindholm were going for multiple top picks. It’s not the case.

Secondly, the Red Wings aren’t going to be deseperate to trade him which means that it’s going to have to be a compelling offer. And I know what I just said which is why I’m saying this: There is a gray area there and that’s where this package will sit. So, let’s get into what a return could look like.

For these examples I’m going to put together mock offers for the three teams that we saw earlier in this article.

New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils are looking for some players and have been interested in moving out of the second overall pick spot. Well, how about getting a proven player that fits exactly what they are looking for. Additionally, he still has a couple years left on his contract at a cheap cost. Then you throw in the eight overall pick, and a young, promising defenseman. It seems like a very fair trade when you consider they are only moving back a few spots, and are gaining a extra prospect, keeping a top 10 pick in the draft, and a goal scorer like Bertuzzi.

Buffalo Sabres

The Detroit Red Wings are in the process of rebuilding and are looking to fill out their roster with more youth. They truly seem to have what it takes, they just need the right pieces.

Mittlestadt has struggles with the Sabres primarily due to injuries. However, he’s shown a lot of potential and has been considered a top prospect in their pipeline since being drafted. So, a change of scenery may be what he needs to really jump-start his career.

Portillo hasn’t came out of college yet, but being the starter at a powerhouse like Michigam, it’s understandable that he wants to win and enjoy his time in college. But, when he does come out, he could be a really good backup to Sebastian Cossa. He’d also get the chance to stay in Detroit and play for the Red Wings which I’m sure is appealing. Not to mention the young goalie tandem could be one of the best in the league.

Bryson on the other hand made a huge leap in production last season and he appears to be poised for a breakout season. Being a top four defenseman prospect, and the Sabres needing a veteran to play alongside Owen Power, they would more than likely be willing to let Bryson go in this trade.

The Second-round pick was an added bonus that gives the Red Wings yet another chance at a potential superstar in the making. I fully trust Yzerman with the pick and expect something to come of it.

Nashville Predators

I know this one looks underwhelming so before you judge the book by it’s cover, please just hold up.

In a previous article I wrote the following statement:

“They need a top two left-handed defenseman that can play alongside Moritz Seider. They need a center two that can pass the puck to the wings and be a high IQ player. They also need a top notch goal scorer,” and It was that statement that set up this trade.

Luke Evangelista is one of the most dominant prospects I had seen this season. Nearly having a goal per game and two points per game, the talent is there without a doubt.

There were videos circulating the internet of some of his goals and plays all season long, and it makes you excited for him. It also makes you wonder what it’d take to get him on your team and I hope I found the answer because he is exactly what we need.

He has the shot that could lead him to one day be a 30-40 goal scorer and the passing skillset that could give him a boost as a 70-80 point player.

As far as Campbell, he is an exciting player due to his top notch pace. He is truly a great skater and this past season at Clarkson Univeristy, he led the team in goals. Now, the addition of Campbell would give the Red Wings a guy who, if you give him a year and a half, could be the center two we’ve been looking for. I’m pretty confident in that statement as well.

He pops off the screen when he is on the ice, and his ability to put the puck on his teammates sticks in stride is just another reason why the Red Wings could use him. The passing, the speed, the goal scoring, it’s all there. He just has to develop and be able to do that in the toughest league in the world. I think out of all three trades I just did, this one here is my favorite. I’d love to see it happen.