The Red Wings Need to Explore a Potential Jakob Chychrun Trade

Jakob Chychrun of the Arizona Coyotes. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Jakob Chychrun of the Arizona Coyotes. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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Detroit Red Wings
Jakob Chychrun of the Arizona Coyotes. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Mock Trades

The Detroit Red Wings have the prospect pool that would allow them to make a trade happen and not really be all that impacted by it. Additionally, given the fact that Chychrun is only 24 years old and is still under contract for another three seasons at a AAV of $4,600,000, it would be like your just drafting a top notch defenseman for the next three seasons with your first-round pick. In other words, your ahead of schedule.

Also, yes, I’m aware of what I just said about giving up a first-round pick, but you didn’t really think that we would be able to make a trade happen without giving up a first, did you?

Last year at the trade deadline the asking price for Chychrun seemed to sit around a first-round pick, two top prospects, and depending on the value of the prospects, another pick. Which, I know it seems like a lot. But, let’s be honest, we have so many prospects on this team that it doesn’t really set us back any. Additionally, after this past season, I doubt this trade really hurts us. If anything, I think it puts us in a better spot.

I know in the past my mocks have been very, well, it’s been a very controversial. However, I feel this one here is quite realistic in terms of value. Maybe not the player or picks, but the value here is going to be very similar to what we’d have to give up.

Now, I know above I said that maybe another pick depending on the prospects we are willing to part with. Well, I decided to part with prospect, William Wallinder and winger, Filip Zadina as well as two top picks. Our first-rounder this year and a second-rounder next year. In return, we get Jakob Chychrun and a fourth-round pick this year.

Why Would the Coyotes Do This?

The Coyotes are a developing team, similar to the Red Wings. Except they failed to make something of themselves over the past couple years and outside of Clayton Keller and Jakob Chychrun, not many of their prospects have done much. Therefore, Chychrun wanted to be traded and so they put him on the trade block.

It was at that time that we, as NHL fans, received what a package would have to look like in order to get him from the Coyotes and it’s not cheap. However, as I’ve said multiple times in this article, the Red Wings have the prospect pool and draft capital to get him and not feel like they just got shot in the foot.

The first-round pick this year get’s them a top selection in the draft to use to fill some of their needs. Additionally, they get a second-round pick next year that will help them continue to draft prospects that they hope will one day become something.

As far as parting with Filip Zadina, a change of scenary could be good for him and quite frankly, he could probably go and play immediately on the top line in Arizona. They are thin at pretty much every position, but Zadina could be a good pairing alongside Clayton Keller.

As for the reason I parted with William Wallinder, they said that they wanted a top LHD prospect to replace Chychrun and parting with Edvinsson wasn’t an option because that’s part of the reason I wanted to do this trade. To let Edvinsson play on the third-line for a month before throwing him into action because when he’s ready. Being able to line up a left-handed defenseman group of Edvinsson, Chychrun, and the Johansson or Walman or any of the other prospects I didn’t list, it makes for a very strong group.

Wallinder could be a very, very good piece for the Coyotes in time but as a Red Wings fan, I feel like because of the depth we have, Wallinder is 100% disposable if it means getting Chychrun.

Why would the Red Wings Do This?

I know it’s hard to think that in their current stage, that the Red Wings would be able to pull this off. It’s honestly kind of laughable. However, no one can tell me in all seriousness that Jakob Chychrun in a Red Wings uniform, playing alongside Seider, wouldn’t look great.

Their play styles work together so well, they are both young players that haven’t even begun to reach their true potential and that’s what makes this so exciting.

Adding Chychrun into the mix, even if it means giving up two top tier picks and a top prospect, it’s something you have to deal with and just be happy about it. Because as I previously said, we do not have a place for all of these prospects that we have in the pipeline.

Moving a player with top notch value for a proven player is exactly what I feel the Red Wings need to do. Acquire star power, not depth.

Moving the two picks and Wallinder sucks, but I’m sure you’re wondering where Filip Zadina comes into play. Or maybe not, but the reason I moved off Zadina is to allow Elmer Soderblom or Jonatan Berggren a chance to compete at training camp. Give them the ability to work for the open roster spot.