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Matthew Tkachuk and Johnny Gaudreau. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Matthew Tkachuk and Johnny Gaudreau. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /
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Detroit Red Wings
Johnny Gaudreau and Mattew Tkachuk after getting elimated by the Dallas Stars. (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images) /

What Would a Contract Look Like?

The Red Wings have a need primarily at the center position, but there always room to improve. And when it comes to sports, I ave always felt that if you can improve, you should improve. That’s always been my modo, and that’s why I feel this article and the idea needs to be talked about.

So, with that being said, let’s take a look at the contracts that they’d be looking at.

Johnny Gaudreau

Johnny Gaudreau will more than likely be looking to get a contract that would pay him in the upper half of the league. However, finding a team that would be willing to pay him as much as he’d be looking for over a multi-year contract is probably slim.

When I say multi-year, I know you just think two years. But when I say multi-year, I’m referring to a 5+ year contract. I feel that, when looking at the history of the game, when you pay a player a big contract when they are 27+ years old, you generally don’t get what you want out of them because they brake down once they hit the 30 year old mark. And, so with that being said, Gaudreau is 28 years old. So, If I was Steve Yzerman, what would I be willing to pay Gaudreau if he hits the free agency market?

Contract Options

Option A: 5 year contract worth $40,000,000($8,000,000 per year)

Option B: 4 year contract worth $36,000,000($9,000,000 per year)

Option C: 6 year contract worth $42,000,000(Front-Loaded Structure)

Matthew Tkachuk

This is the more tricky option in my opinion because Tkachuk is currently a restricted free agent. So, when deciding his worth, you also have to consider what you’ll have to give up in return for him. Which, more than likely, would be two/three years of first-round picks. And, say you decide to do that, they also have the chance to match the contract which makes it that much more difficult. So, here’s my hypothetical situation that I’m basing this off of.

Matthew Tkachuk is a restricted free agent as a 24 year old winger. He signed a contract with the Flames back in 2019 that paid him $1,775,000 per year. Now, he is a star in the league and will be looking for his first star contract. His offer sheet is three years of first-round picks. What do we offer him?

Contract Options

Option A: 8 year contract worth $72,000,000($10,000,000)

The Detroit Red Wings have had enough draft picks come through their system the past couple years, it’s time to make something happen now. Someone that has already established themselves in the league. Matthew Tkachuk is already a star in the league and is only 24 years old. Making him a Red Wings winger that can be a big part of the team moving forward, and who fits the timeline, they should lock him up. This move, I feel, would go down as one of the best moves the organization has made.

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The Detroit Red Wings have a lot going on right now, but what do you think? Would Tkachuk or Gaudreau fit the Red Wings and if so, what would you be willing to pay them?