Analyzing Detroit Red Wings Mock Draft Selections

Sweeden National Team. (Photo by Emmi Korhonen / Lehtikuva / AFP) / Finland OUT (Photo by EMMI KORHONEN/Lehtikuva/AFP via Getty Images)
Sweeden National Team. (Photo by Emmi Korhonen / Lehtikuva / AFP) / Finland OUT (Photo by EMMI KORHONEN/Lehtikuva/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Detroit Red Wings
Matthew Savoie of the Winnipeg Ice. (Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images) /

Kimelman’s Pick: Matthew Savoie, C, Winnipeg Ice

Kimelman’s Explanation:

"“The Red Wings continue to add speedy, skilled young forwards with Savoie (5-9, 175), who might be the fastest skater in the 2022 draft class. He has an explosive offensive game and a high hockey IQ that allows him to be in the right place all the time.”"

My Breakdown

The Detroit Red Wings are in a pretty good spot for a team in the middle of a rebuild. They have a couple very talented prospects coming off a very promising first season. Additionally, they still have a couple very talented prospects in their affiliate- the Grand Rapid Griffins.

Between Lucas Raymond, Moritz Seider, Joe Veleno, Dylan Larkin, Jakub Vrana, Filip Zadina, the one position they seem to have a missing piece to is center. That’s where Matthew Savoie comes into play.

Savoie, as stated by Kimelman, is a very good skater and he has a very high IQ. Additionally, he has a very good shot that you can see when he one-times the puck. He is able to place it top shelf, low corner, five-hole, he can almost make sure that it goes in with the pinpoint accuracy of the shot. But, that’s what makes him such a valued player in this draft class.

When it comes to the other parts of the game, it get’s even better.

Savoie, in my opinion, is the best skater in this draft class. He has tremendous speed that makes him lethal on advantage breakaways or on the power play. But, it’s the combination of his speed with his quick hands that make him so good.

He’s able to drive to the net and make a lateral move that is almost unstoppable and then it leaves him 1vs1 with the goalie which is almost never fair. But life isn’t fair. Just like how all the teams that don’t get him will regret it.

I don’t generally do pro comparisons, but the one guy that I see a lot of in Savoie is Johnny Gaudreau. I can’t say for certain rather or not Savoie will reach his level, but as far as a skill-set comparison- I see a lot of him in Savoie.

Scouts Opinions

Scott Wheeler of The Athletic:

"“There isn’t a player in this draft class whose game thrills more than Savoie’s does. Inside the offensive zone, he’s lethal. He’s got extremely quick side-to-side hands that help him beat defenders one-on-one off of cuts. He’s got an NHL shot (which he can place with pinpoint accuracy from a bad angle and rip by a goalie clean from a distance, but he also loves to change up and slide five-hole). He’s excellent in traffic because of his craftiness and maneuverability into scoring spots. He’s a burning skater with underrated (I can’t stress this enough) explosiveness that allows him to win races, separate in transition, and put defenders onto their heels. “He’s a soft small-area passer who blends deception into his movements. And then on top of those things, he’s got a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He’s always engaged, he keeps his feet moving, he plays with a ton of energy, and he’s a reliable defensive zone player. He’s also sturdier on his feet than his frame might suggest, which helps him play between checks. I see a dynamic, high-tempo, top-six, goal-creating package. He’s an exciting talent in a draft that’s short on them.”"

Corey Pronman of The Athletic:

"“Savoie is a very talented scorer. He stands out with the puck on his stick and can attack in a variety of ways. Savoie is an excellent passer, who can run a power play, hit seams at a high rate and make tough plays under duress. He has very good hands to maneuver in traffic. He has good speed to beat opponents wide and he has a shot that can score from range. Savoie lacks ideal NHL size, but he competes hard and wins a surprising amount of battles for his size. He doesn’t have incredible speed and skill for a 5-foot-9 player so he may be moved to the wing in the NHL, but regardless I see him as a very good top-six forward.”"