Isaac Howard Is Going to Be the Red Wings Offensive Solution

Isaac Howard. (Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images)
Isaac Howard. (Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images) /
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Isaac Howard. (Photo by RvS.Media/Monika Majer/Getty Images) /

How Would Isaac Howard Fit In With the Red Wings?

Isaac Howard, if his draft stock continues to rise, could be right in the wheelhouse for the Red Wings this year. Of course, that is dependent on their position post-lottery. Nonetheless, the Red Wings should have Isaac Howard on their draft boards and that much needs to be set in stone.

Isaac Howard, if he lands with the Red Wings, projects to be apart of their second-line. If you ask me, that would be my guess. Furthermore, this is why I feel he would end up apart of the Red Wings second-line.

The Detroit Red Wings first-line is going to be set for a period of time. Between Tyler Bertuzzi, Dylan Larkin, and Lucas Raymond- that line is set until proven to be uneffective. So, with that being said, the first line will remain how it is. However, the second, third and fourth lines are still up for grabs.

Now, when I say the second-line, that may not be the best way to word it. When I say second-line, I’m reffering to being the counterpart to Jakub Vrana. The person centering that line I’d assume would be Joe Veleno. However, that part is still up for grabs. They could even sign a center if they wanted.

Now, getting back to why I think I’d move Filip Zadina out of the line to put Isaac Howard in is more based upon how well they could potentially play off each other.

Jakub Vrana is one of the best shooters on this team. I mean, he truly could eventually be a 30 goal scorer- consistently. Which, they do have in Dylan Larkin and I feel Raymond coule be one as well. However, having a depth piece like Vrana on the second line who could score 30+ goals per season is great.

Vrana could be a 30 goal scorer, and maybe even 40. I mean, when I watch Vrana play- I see a player like Vladimir Tarasenko.

Tarasenko, although never really a elite point scorer, was a great goal scorer. He could always be counted on for 30 goals. That’s what I expect out of Vrana. However, on the other hand, I expect Howard to be a guy who could score 20 goals, but have 40-50 assists per season.

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That could be a bit of an exaggeration given he’s never quite played in a collegiate level game, but his talent shows on film. I mean, it’s easy to find him on tape. If he continues to grow as a player- I would love to see how he would do in Red.