Red Wings: Tyler Bertuzzi Seems to be Everywhere on the Ice

Tyler Bertuzzi. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Tyler Bertuzzi. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

Detroit Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi sure lives up to the lyrics of a chant for Ted Lasso character Roy Kent, the prickly but lovable soccer player. In his prime, and to the very end of his illustrious (and fictional) career, fans would serenade him using his name with this:

He’s here. He’s there. He’s every bleeping where. Roy Kent!

Obviously, you can imagine the word that should replace bleeping. But you get the picture.

Bertuzzi was Detroit’s Roy Kent on Thursday and Saturday night.

He’s here scoring a goal. He’s there tackling a Lightning player coming into attack his captain. He’s here again scoring another goal. He’s there scoring again, and then again once more. Saturday, he was involved everywhere on the ice. Though he didn’t score, it sure felt like he was somehow involved every other time something happened on the ice.

It makes a compelling argument for his value to the team.

Fast forward to Saturday. It felt like every scrum involved Bertuzzi. On the first goal, the Canucks seemed more concerned about him than Robby Fabbri, who redirected the shot into the net.

There is no denying that Bertuzzi is a force when he’s on the ice.

Bertuzzi Adds Fire for the Red Wings

When he was shelved for the season after suffering. back injury, Bertuzzi was sorely missed on the power play and for nearly 30 games after, he still led the team in goals. He flails and wails around the ice, throwing what seems like every ounce of effort he has into the game.

There’s no doubt that the passion and fire was electrifying the Little Caesars Arena crowd, the fourth goal sending the crowd into a frenzy. Bertuzzi has that ability.

So when Bertuzzi was one of what is now four players to refuse the Covid vaccine, it not only splintered the fan base, it made many wonder just how much longer he’ll be in Detroit. For all we know, it may not affect anything. But as I wrote in the season preview, it sure felt like Steve Yzerman was saying things without coming out and saying them directly.

But the first couple of games have certainly shown just what Bertuzzi brings to the team. Heck, he was seen chirping Canuck Alex Chiasson from the bench, with Fabbri and Lucas Raymond joining in:

The hot start from Bertuzzi along with his presence on the ice makes fans pause a bit in terms of what the Red Wings should do with him. It’s been fun watching him razz opponents, score goals, and stick up for his teammates. Isn’t he the personality you want on your side, especially as the team begins to push more for the playoffs down the road?

Everything begins and ends with Yzerman with the Red Wings. One can only wonder what he sees–and thinks.

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