Red Wings: Lucas Raymond is a Kirill Tyutyayev Fan

The Detroit Red Wings opened up their prospects tournament with a 5-4 victory over the Dallas Stars but it was the 2019 7th round pick Kirill Tyutyayev who turned heads with his performance. One of those he dazzled just happened to be the Red Wings crown jewel of the prospect pipeline–Lucas Raymond. In today’s article from the Athletic, Max Bultman wrote this:

Kirill Tyutyayev played last season in Belarus. He has a budding cult following on Red Wings Twitter, but he was among the least-known quantities of the drafted prospects on Detroit’s roster entering the tournament. And yet he opened the tournament with a pair of goals in the first two periods. So after the game, there was Lucas Raymond — the team’s fourth pick from 2020 — fielding a question about Tyutyayev and absolutely loving it.

“The Russian?” Raymond said, before breaking into a big smile. “Ahhh, he’s a beauty.”

Yeah, we agree with that, too. And I also hope you heard that headline in a (noted Red Wings fan) John C. McGinley voice via the classic Office Space.  

I digress.

When our own Alex Faber wrote about his thoughts on the players who could have a breakout prospect tournament–which was seen throughout Red Wings Twitter as well. Tyutyayev was going to be watched closely regardless of performance but the two-goal job yesterday now has Red Wings fans giddy.

Red Wings fans should be Excited

There hasn’t been a lot to enjoy as Wings fans for the past five seasons. Prior to that, playoff appearances were expected but it was a cross your fingers and hope they get hot to do some damage. So when a seventh round pick of Steve Yzerman’s pots two goals in his first game, oh yeah, people are going to get excited.

Obviously, it’s restrained jubilation as George Costanza would say. The hockey season is a long grind and certainly a prospect tournament is a far cry from the AHL and NHL.

But dammit, isn’t it nice to have something to cheer for and root on, instead of just mindlessly waiting for the regular season to end and hope the draft lottery gods finally smile upon the organization?

In the meantime, the Red Wings players expected to shine, namely Raymond, Joe Veleno, and Jonatan Berggren had some great moments on the ice including a goals from Veleno and Raymond–thanks to Berggren.

What really caught my eye was Raymond’s explosiveness to get into position to make that goal happen. The burst through the neutral zone, over the blue line and then just gliding into a goal scoring stance before finishing off is something Red Wings fans dreamt of when Yzerman took him fourth overall. He looks every part of having that lethal scoring touch that so many hoped to see.

Berggren’s patience on the feed also shouldn’t go unnoticed. But how amazing could it be if Ken Holland, in his final draft with Detroit, nabbed Veleno and Berggren within three picks of one another? I’ve certainly said my peace about some of Holland’s missteps, but man, that 2018 draft, especially if Filip Zadina takes the next step this season, could be one fans look back at as the start of turning things around. Fans were over the moon following that draft–imagine if they all do hit. (Don’t forget about Jared McIsaac either–if he bounces back from a couple tough seasons peppered with injury, it’ll be another big hit).

The Red Wings play again tomorrow against St. Louis at 7pm. There will certainly be plenty to watch.