Mock Draft: Who Will the Detroit Red Wings take at #6?

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Of the scenarios that could play out, many wonder if Eichel will be dealt closer to the draft or even on draft day itself. But outside of that, could Yzerman end up making a draft day deal as players inevitably slide or veterans like Eichel are available?


Steve Yzerman will be tempted to trade the sixth pick.  He may trade up with Buffalo in order to draft Power.  This trade will probably also have to include one of Detroit’s second round picks or a defense prospect like Donovan Sebrango.  Yzerman could also trade down so that he can obtain a prospect from another team and then draft goalie Jesper Wallstedt at a pick between 10-12.


I’m cautious about a potential Eichel super trade. I’d rather the organization focus on building through the draft and intelligent signings rather than taking a massive risk on a superstar with some lingering injuries. But If Yzerman doesn’t think the prospects in the top ten fit into the Yzerplan (Or he has his eyes set on a goaltender), it makes sense to utilize a premier asset to gain some elusive superstar talent.


Yzerman wants as many spins at the draft wheel as he can get so I think he trades down a few spots if he can acquire more picks or a prospect he’s had an eye on. With this draft being more unpredictable, a trade expert like Yzerman could have a field day maneuvering around and getting more assets.  Like Chris, if he’s wanting to grab Wallstedt, I see him making that deal to go and get him while adding other resources.

Yzerman did field calls at number six two years ago, but rebuffed them believing that Seider wouldn’t be available once they got to him.

As for Eichel, unless he’s blown away, I can’t see him yielding both picks (which is at least what Buffalo would seek) to go after Eichel unless he’s absolutely convinced that this portion of the rebuild is over. From his interviews this season, it doesn’t seem likely.