Red Wings: Options Aplenty for Yzerman This Offseason

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Yzerman Could use Current Picks to Grab More Later

Though he’s talked specifically about getting as many chances at the Draft wheel as he can, would Yzerman be inclined to use current picks to grab more for next season’s draft? The 2021 Draft has many unknowns due to the pandemic limiting scouting throughout the season while 2022 promises to have some can’t miss options stating with Shane Wright.

Though it’s possible that the Wings could load up with talent in this draft should players fall to them, it could also be argued that Yzerman could bundle picks for more next season when scouting is more available and there are even more draft options.

It’s not to say that the 2021 Draft won’t have its gems. But it stands to reason that having several shots at a draft with more certainty is enticing–especially after there was talk about having consecutive drafts in 2022 when scouting would be more plentiful.

It doesn’t fit Yzerman’s previous style of handling a draft, but with everything being in flux as it has been, it’s also not outside the realm of possibility that Yzerman does something different to benefit the organization.

Final Thoughts

We’ll be looking at more options as the offseason wears on but while Yzerman preaches patience, he could make a few moves that will speed the rebuild up a bit. The Vrana trade feels as such–a player who could really turn things in a more positive light much faster.

With Yzerman, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen. No one talks about kicking tires or working the phones–it’s as quiet at it can be until the move actually occurs. The element of surprise is almost the best part–from the selection of Moritz Seider to the aforementioned Mantha trade.

If there’s anything we will know, it’s that Yzerman will make it a very interesting offseason.

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