Red Wings: Options Aplenty for Yzerman This Offseason

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The Red Wings Can Take Advantage of their Cap Space

The Red Wings have the chance to assist some teams in getting out of the Cap hell they’re currently in while also making the Expansion Draft a lot less costly. With nearly $50 million in cap space, Yzerman can bilk a few teams into offering sweeteners with contracts they’re looking to shed. Whether this is utilized through prospects or draft picks, Yzerman has already shown to be the shrewd dealer when it comes to acquiring through trades. The Expansion Draft provides just the opportunity for that. He snagged a second round pick from New York for Staal which not only was helpful on the blue line but will be in July when the Red Wings have another second round pick in their arsenal.

This also doesn’t rule out trades Yzerman could make that are not Expansion Draft related but instead focused on improving the team through some deals that are still cap friendly. Look no further than the Mantha deal where it’s looking more and more a heist in Yzerman’s favor.