OPINION: Blashill will Coach Red Wings Next Season

The Detroit Red Wings and general manager Steve Yzerman will keep head coach Jeff next season.

There’s plenty of uncertainty right now in the world due to COVID-19, and the NHL isn’t excluded from that group.

With games postponed March 12 due to COVID-19, the league is still exploring the possibilities of restarting its season.

If you want to know the latest on where the NHL sits in that regard, I highly recommend this detailed article on ESPN from writers Emily Kaplan and Greg Wyshynski.

Emily and Greg mention within that the league is leaning toward an early June draft, which is likely the next date the Detroit Red Wings will care about. Especially since Emily and Greg confirm the league is focusing its efforts on the playoffs, which ultimately means the Red Wings are done this season.

What does all this mean for Red Wings fans?

Well, from what I can tell on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter), you guys aren’t too thrilled with head coach Jeff Blashill. He, however, seems to be sitting pretty due to the stoppage in play and likely early NHL Draft.

He will be side-by-side with general manager Steve Yzerman during the draft – especially if it happens in early June – but then the processes of going about free agency, the hiring phase, etc., is all up in the air.

In a year with so much uncertainty, bringing back a coach who has been within the organization 2011-12 is the safe move for a team that appears to be going nowhere next season.

The resumed season could start anywhere from June to September at this point, causing a natural 2020-21 season push-back. Will Yzerman really want to bring in someone new to teach the team new ways, especially when Blashill has one year left on his deal?

Yzerman will keep Blashill in 2020 and make the decision to resign him when his contract is up. It’s a PR professional’s dream to praise confidence in your head coach (especially if you don’t mean it), and then be able to let him ride out his contract given the situation and roster make-up.

So if you want Blashill out, my guess is you’ll have to wait.