Pick two – One Past, One Present Red Wings Villain

Which current, former Detroit Red Wings villains would you want to be on the team?

You know sports is just rooting for uniforms, right?

When it all boils down to it, we have loyalties to: pantone 186 c; hex color #ce1126; RGB 206,17, 38; CMYK 2, 100,85, 6…better known as the Detroit Red Wings color code, thanks to our good friends at TeamColorCodes.com.

Perfect example. Chris Chelios.

Chelios spent nine seasons on the rival Chicago Blackhawks tormenting our city, our fans. You didn’t like him; I didn’t like him. Heck, we despised the guy.

Then in 1998, he joined the Red Wings, played nine seasons in Joe Louis Arena and helped the franchise win two Stanley Cups. He went on to adopt the city, open “Cheli’s Chili” sports bars throughout the Metro Detroit area and even worked for the team.

  • He wears a Blackhawks sweater for eight seasons. Gross.
  • Comes to Detroit, he becomes a fan favorite.

I’ll admit I had his jersey. I loved the way he agitated the opponent. And for those asking, no, it wasn’t his Motor City Mechanics jersey! But yes, that’s just how sports works.

All of this is OK, too. With that said, who are the two players you’d be OK with wearing a Red Wings uniform despite him putting you through the ringer of emotions.

Here’s the rules:

My two choices are…

Kane and Pronger

Kane would be a welcomed addition to my hypothetical Red Wings because we need offense, and Kane has plenty of it. He was 11th in the league in scoring with 33 goals before the postponed season, and he’s always had that winning swagger to him. That doesn’t go unnoticed. As much as I wanted to take Crosby or Toews because of their leadership skills, I went with the pure scorer.

Pronger on the other had was selecting the best of the worst bunch. Lemieux and Roy would never be allowed to wear a Red Wings uniform, even in this hypothetical scenario, and Domi just flat-out wasn’t as good as Pronger. Give me the 6-foot-6, 220-pound defenseman.

Now it’s your turn. Which two would you choose?