NHL: Rumored NHL Draft Format Benefits Red Wings

Earlier today, the NHL proposed a potential 2020 NHL Draft format, which would benefit the Detroit  Red Wings. Here’s how:

Well, this would be good for the Detroit Red Wings.

Although not yet confirmed, the NHL has publicly shared a potential 2020 NHL Draft/NHL Draft Lottery scenario where the Red Wings would fall no lower than picking No. 2 overall and be the heavy favorites to land popular No. 1 prospect Alexis Lafreniere.

According to a TSN article, which I highly recommend also reading once you’re doing with this Red Wings-focused piece, the draft would take place virtually on June 5-6 with two key changes to determine the lottery order:

  • Any team can only move up a max of four spots
  • Only one lottery ball will be drawn, meaning a team can only slide one spot

That’s particularly important for your Red Wings. With a 57 percent chance at the No. 1 overall pick and a 43% chance at the No. 2 overall pick, the odds skyrocket to get Mr. Prized Possession, Lafreniere from a measly 19 and 17 percent odds prior to this announcement.

Lafreniere, of Quebec League’s Rimouski, tallied 112 points with 35 goals and 77 assists in only 52 games. I don’t care what type of competition he’s playing against, that’s notable and promising for whoever lands him. With the new format, the odds tilt in the Red Wings’ favor, for once.

That said, let’s not jinx it, OK? What’s the consolation prize?

It’s not bad, folks, not bad at all. It’s big boy forward Quinton Byfield, who is 6-foot-4, 215 pounds. Other prospects include defenseman Jamie Drysdale and forward Tim Stuetzle, but the team needs a sizable force.

Back to glass half full. With this new format – which clearly is byproduct of the NFL Draft success – it puts the Red Wings in a much better position to land Lafreniere and give them a generational superstar to add to a team of up-and-coming players.

If this happens, the lottery misfortune could turn ultimate fortune for the franchise.