Top 3: Ranking Red Wings Goalie Masks

Ranking the top 3 Detroit Red Wings goalie masks following news of goaltender Jimmy Howard donating $50,000 in N95 masks.

Stay home.

And if you can’t do that, protect yourself.

Fittingly, Detroit Red Wings goaltender Jimmy Howard went to the handy, dandy mask that he’s protected himself with throughout his hockey career and donated them – albeit not goalie masks – to the Detroit Medical Center earlier this week.

Here’s the article from WDIV.

Howard, who has been with the Red Wings since the 2005-2006 season, donated $50,000 worth of N95 masks in what was another nice gesture in a line of them made by players such as forwards Dylan Larkin and Justin Abdelkader.

Given how fitting the mask donation was from Howard, it spurred thinking as to what were some of my favorite Red Wings goalie masks throughout the years. Here’s my top three:

3. Store Bought

I’m laughing at myself because this obviously isn’t a game-worn helmet, but if you were a hockey fan growing up – especially like I was in the late 1990s, early 2000s – you had the replica Red Wings goalie helmet in your garage, basement, etc. The ones now on are way cooler than what we had, but either way, no chance I’m leaving the classic replica off the list.

2. Petr Mrazek: Elf Edition

There have been many different holiday masks over the years, but none was better than the one worn by Petr Mrazek in 2016. He went with a design from the popular Christmas movie, Elf, and had

actor Will Ferrell on the side of his bucket like it was no big deal. I’d wear this mask everywhere, it’s never going out of style – on or off the ice.

1. Dominik Hasek

It’s the goalie equivalent of the Igor Larionov Jofa helmet. That old-school look is one of my favorites, partly because there was so much success during these eras of Red Wings Hockey.

The rounded TPS helmet from Hasek was trademark, and all I can think about is watching the Dominator sprawl from side to side making ridiculous pad saves for years – even when he was doing it for the Buffalo Sabres.

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