Former Detroit Red Wings Osgood thinks it is “inevitable” Yzerman returns

Detroit Red Wings analyst and former teammate to Steve Yzerman, Chris Osgood spoke on 97.1 The Ticket and made a statement that many Wings fans are hoping for. “Me guessing, yeah, I think it’s inevitable at some point in time he will be here.”

Former Detroit Red Wings goaltender and current analyst, Chris Osgood insisted he has not spoken to Steve Yzerman about his future plans. Notice Osgood did not say he has not talked with his friend and former teammate, only that they have not talked about the future as the Tampa Bay Lightning still employs Yzerman.

Steve Yzerman, who shocked the hockey and sports world in September by stepping down from his job as general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning and announcing he was “going back to Detroit.” Again listen to the wording. Yzerman did not say he was going home. But “Back to Detroit.”

Detroit Red Wings current general manager Ken Holland, who signed a two-year extension earlier in the Spring also recently said;

“I’ve been a gm for 23 years. I’ve won 3 Cups and 5 Presidents trophies. I did not look over my shoulder” when he was asked point blank about Yzerman.

Interesting how Holland would offer such a strong worded on the verge of bragging comment if he felt no pressure from Yzerman’s presence. But, did Ken Holland play a part in all of this? It is known the days leading up to Yzerman’s announcement. Holland and Yzerman played golf in the Tampa area. But, what was said? That is the millions dollar question.

I do not think that when Joe Louis Arena closed its doors and Yzerman spoke at the closing celebration, a speech that was passionate and seasoned about his love for the Red Wings and the city of Detroit he was not affected by the chants.

Detroit Red Wings CEO, Christopher Ilitch refused to comment on Yzerman, for good reason. The league would consider it as tampering, and the Red Wings could be forced to forfeit draft picks. As a rebuilding team. They are not in a position to lose picks that could help the team sooner than later.

What to make of all of this. In my opinion, people in the Red Wings organization have talked with Yzerman. Listen to the carefully crafted words people are using. My guess is there is a plan in place. A program that sees Yzerman in charge of getting the Winged Wheels back where we all want them to be. A project that will include a bunch of salary cap space and money to spend.

Until then. Relax, breathe. Let this season ride. Then wait, wait for what all Detroit Red Wings fans are hoping for.